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Huckleberry Creek

- Dawn Hessel -

Handmade Toys

Huckleberry Creek is a handmade toy brand that inspires adventure and exploration through learning tools and play mats.


Dawn's business was ready for a new name. She was struggling with solidifying her new business name.

She wanted a way of creating engaging posts to spark conversations on social media.

Dawn also needed a way to make her shop photos and social media images more cohesive.


A brand that is more personable and built around the new name.

An overall visual brand that resonates with Dawn's customers: nature minded families and homeschoolers.

A set of photo presets for more cohesive and polished photography on her listings and social media.

Results After the Project

At the end of the project, Dawn received a cohesive brand including her logo set, tissue paper, stickers, business cards, stationery, and much more.

Now, she has the resources she needs to choose the best presets for her product photos as well as Canva templates to easily create engaging social media posts.

She Also Went Above and Beyond

"If you are in need of any branding for your business, Ashley does a great job listening to your needs and developing a brand strategy that fits where you want your brand to go. She created an adorable custom logo for my toy brand and even included a sketch of my “mascot” in the background design! She also went above and beyond when she created a shipping delay banner for me after a hurricane hit our area and we had to evacuate."

- Dawn Hessel -
Huckleberries by the Creek

Seamless Map Pattern

Dawn's Map Inspired Brand Pattern is seamless and the perfect accent for her stationery, packaging, and social media graphics.

The illustrations highlight various flora and fauna from the products in her shop including a moose, fox, wolf, bee, snail, butterfly, deciduous trees, coniferous trees, and mushrooms.

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