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The Curious Pets

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Dog Collar Sizing Project

Nicole at The Curious Pets creates pet collars for fashionable dogs and cats. She started out making handcrafted women's accessories at Ni-Chern Designs. When her customers started asking for items just as fun and fashionable for their pets, a new business was made!


Customers were having a difficult time knowing which collar would be the best fit for their dogs.


Our goal was to create a size chart to help her customers make their buying decision easier.

Results After the Project

Now Nicole has a set of illustrated sizing guides, an assortment of product tags, and a take-home measurement guide so so her customers can find the right size collar with ease.

Lucky 13 Rescue

Nicole partnered The Curious Pets with Lucky 13 Rescue. Lucky 13 Rescue takes in stray pets in Kansas City and surrounding areas. Then she donates brand new collars for the newly adopted dogs.

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Colorful Collars

Bonus: Social Media Graphics & Brand Pattern

After creating all these cute dog illustrations, I couldn't resist making a brand pattern and social media carousel graphics. Now Nicole can easily share her collar sizes on Instagram.

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