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12 Days of Giftmas: a Free Gift Every Day Only at Logodentity

Happy Giftmas! To kick of the holiday shopping season, I'm offering 12 days of design gifts to Logodentity clients. Today is the first day of Giftmas. Spend $1 or more in the shop, and get a free Holiday Logo Update!

Free Holiday Logo Update with your Logodentity Purchase today!

What is Giftmas?

Giftmas is a holiday I made up to give gifts to my clients in thanks of supporting my small business.

Is Giftmas only for Christmas Clients?

No. The Logodentity 12 Days of Giftmas is a secular holiday that is not connected to a religion.

Does my logo update or other design gifts have to be holiday related?

No, your logo update & other Giftmas design gifts can be winter themed, or you can plan even further ahead to get a spring or summer themed design.

How do I shop the Giftmas Event?

Shop at Logodentity between Friday, November 27th to Tuesday, December 8th.

To claim your free gift:

  1. ​Spend $1 or more on Design Services, Printables, or League Gear & add the freebie to your project before you checkout.

  2. Complete your order.

  3. Check your email within 48 hours for your free download, tracking number, or customization details.

Learn more about the 12 Days of Giftmas, or Shop Now.


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