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Top 3 Mobile Apps to Improve Your Instagram Feed

There are probably hundreds of mobile apps you can use to improve your Instagram Business Profile. However, you only need three to edit and schedule your posts. Although I have not tried all the apps out there, I have tried many of them and these are the top three I use every time. Each one has awesome features, and bonus points not everyone knows about.

Adobe Spark Post App

Create On Brand Graphics On-The-Go

As a designer that loves everything Adobe, I didn't really think I'd need Adobe Spark Post. I custom design all my own graphics on Adobe Illustrator. However, I decided to give it a try while I was on vacation without internet. Turns out I love this app. After downloading the app and signing into my Adobe, I was able to set my branding colors, add my fonts, and upload my logo files. Now I can create graphics with pre-made templates on-the-go that are on brand every time.

Extra Bonus: You know how social image sizes are always changing? Adobe Spark, updates those sizes constantly so your graphics will be the right size for your project at the time you create it.

Adobe Lightroom App

Photos Edited to Match Your Brand Style

If you love using preset or adjusting light and color levels for your Instagram photos before you post them, then you'll love using the Adobe Lightroom app. You can create your own preset or add presets from other designers. Then, with one click, your pictures match your brand style and are ready to post.

Some of my favorite preset designers are Peter McKinnon, The Preset Villa, and A Color Story.

Extra Bonus: Adobe Lightroom has a Pro-Level Camera built-in allowing you to control exposure, aperture, lens type, and presets.

Preview: Planner for Instagram App

Plan Your Posts, Captions, and Hashtags

Now that you have all your graphics created and images edited, it's time to schedule your posts. Preview: Planner for Instagram is not an app I see a lot of people use as a scheduler. However, I highly recommend it.

Preview's most prominent feature is being able to rearrange your posts. Before you post your images, you'll get to see how your feed will look beforehand. I can't stress enough how great this is. The next feature I love about this app is being able to create your captions with the graphic and schedule it. This means you can create a month of graphics, rearrange them, and create their captions all in one batch.

Extra Bonus: Preview let's you make hashtag groups! I always put my hashtags in the comment section. However, after I've made my scheduled post, I go back to Preview to copy and paste the hashtag group that goes with my post.

What are your favorite apps to use with your business Instagram profile?