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BlacMarc Designs: Brand & Collateral Design

Dani, the owner and maker at BlacMarc Designs, offers handmade children's clothing and accessories. Keep reading for a detailed look into her new brand and collateral designs.

About the BlacMarc Designs Project

Rebrand for BlacMarc Designs

Dani's original business name was taken, so she needed a new name and brand design. She also needed care cards & hang tags for her clothing labels in time for an upcoming event.

We began the process by defining the colors and font styles for her project. From there I designed her concept with a primary logo and alternate logo for her new business name: BlacMarc Designs.

Multi-Purpose Business Cards

When designing Dani's business cards, we gave them the additional purpose of marking her clothing fiber content, washing instructions, and a special card with details about the water resistant Polartec fabric she uses. The custom water resistant icon is great for the card and as a digital mark for her online listings.

BlacMarc Designs Business Cards and Care Tags

Bonus Design: Thank You Stickers

Stickers are always a simple yet special way to upgrade your customer orders. These round stickers include logo stickers as well as thank you stickers with social icons that encourage her customers to share photos and tag her business on social media.

Connect with Dani at BlacMarc Designs

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