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Crochet Rx: Logo and Business Card Design Project

About Joyce's Brand: Joyce is a pharmacy tech that also loves to crochet. She doesn't sell her products. Crochet Rx is her new brand that crochets and donates hats and blankets to preemies. <3

The Problem: Joyce wanted a clever logo for her Instagram account and unique care cards to give with her crochet donations.

The Solution: Create a logo that and care cards that illustrate her expertise as a pharmacist and crochetier while highlighting her gifts to preemies.

New Branding for Crochet Rx


The primary logo for Crochet Rx abstractly represents a ball of yarn from the "o" being crocheted with the hook of the "h". Also, an illustrated crochet hook forms the "x" across the "R" in Rx. These custom details are subtle, easy to read, and fit perfectly with the goal of the design project. The script font of the tagline has a handwritten quality that accents the handmade crochet work Joyce does for her donations.


Joyce needed a logo variation that would fit within the circle of her Instagram profile image. To include "Crochet" in the design, I recreated it to curve around the signature "Rx" in her logo.


The Crochet Rx mini brand style guide shows the different logo options for Joyce as well as her brand colors. This graphic is a quick reference style guide I create for all my branding clients allowing them to easily apply their branding designs.

"It was such a pleasure working with Ashley at Logodentity. She made the process of designing my logo so seamless. She was so prompt and always available to answer questions and make changes. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a new logo, a refresh of their current logo and/or any of the other services she provides! Thank you, Ashley!"

Joyce at Crochet Rx

New Business Cards with Care Instructions

Double Sided Cards


The business card side of the design includes the primary Crochet Rx logo along with Joyce's contact info.


The other side of the card design allows Joyce to hand write the fiber content, washing, and drying instructions for her crochet creations.

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