Hang Ups Jewelry: Custom Wix Website Design Project

Handcrafted Artisan Instrument Jewelry

Hang Ups Jewelry Designs is run by Carolyn & Kristi who offer handcrafted artisan jewelry created from retired instruments.

Custom Wix Website

Just In Time for Holiday Shopping Season

Carolyn & Kristi have a spectacular business! Customers love the handcrafted instrument jewelry and accessories. I personally love the piano key earrings! When the old Hang Ups Jewelry website code became glitchy Carolyn & Kristi decided to get a new website. Ideally just in time for the holidays.

"Ashley from Logodentity was a pleasure to work with. She built our website to our exact specifications and was incredibly patient with all of our changes and questions. Ashley successfully designed our website within a tight timeline. We are so grateful that a friend and fellow business owner recommended her to us! We highly recommend working with Ashley!" - Carolyn Adams of Hang Ups Jewelry

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