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How To Make Customers Loyal with Professional Stunning Logos

What is a Logo?

A logo is a word or mark used to visually identify a brand and its goods or services. When you have a professional and stunning logo, you're more likely to have loyal customers. Starbucks for example, has a great logo. It’s one people easily recognize and remember. When given the chance of two coffees, one with the Starbucks logo and one plain cup, customers will likely choose the one with the logo. A logo represents the experience a consumer enjoys with a particular brand and helps them quickly decide what they want. However, logos are not just for big companies. Let's talk about how you can make customers with logos too.

(side note: Starbucks is not affiliated with this post. I just really enjoy Starbucks.)

Logos & Loyalty

The First Step to Attracting Your Dream Customers

Having a small business, it is important to attract customers that will want to come back again and again. You make amazing products, you respond promptly to messages, and you have fantastic customer service. Now you need a visual brand that fits your business and your customers’ expectations. The first step of a great brand is a great logo set.

Logo Variations

There are many situations where you’ll need to use your logo. Signage, packaging, social media, t-shirts, promotional materials, etc. This means you actually need more than one logo. In fact, you should have four logo variations for your business. Logo variations are modified versions of your logo to be used in some situations where size or style needs something different. Each logo variation is designed to represent a brand in the best version of itself. Every brand should have a wide logo, a tall logo, a small logo, and a single color logo. These can include a version with a tagline, an alternate layout of the primary logo, a wordmark, and a brand mark.


This style of logo is a great fit for website navigation, social media, and newsletters. Wide logos can include visuals, like a mascot, and text, such as your tagline or focus for your business. Remember to keep color and size for this logo; you’ll want it to pop against the backdrop of your chosen platform while maintaining legibility. (tip: this is the best logo layout for a Facebook Cover image)


Perfect for apparel, business cards, and a variety of promotional materials, the tall logo can be used in areas with vertical spacing. Whereas the wide logos can fit into short areas, the tall logo is bold and can quickly identify your brand while focusing on the subject you are labeling. For instance, it can be a profile image, a large website header, a watermark for your product photos, or featured on it's own .


Small logos are great for favicons, stamps, seals, and subtle brand marks. The keyword here is “small”, so while text could be included, it would be limited to a couple of letters or words. Ideally, this logo should focus purely on the visual aspect and be as abbreviated as possible. Make sure that the color of your logo contrasts or complements the color of its background. Small logos can be visually lost if placed against a color that is too identical.


Your design may look beautiful in all of its vibrant combination of colors, but sometimes there’s simply no way to complement your design against the desired backdrop. This is why having a single-color version of your logo is always recommended. Besides visual appeal, it allows for out-sourced printing, which has far cheaper ink costs. These logos are ideal for watermarks, photo overlays, stamps, product tags, and uniforms.


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