Ken Shelton Construction: Branding & Wix Website Design Project

About Ken & Michelle's Business: Ken Shelton Construction is a successful family business that has been remodeling homes since 1996. Most of Ken Shelton Construction clients are by referral. His excellent quality of work and clear communication with customers, has resulted in loyal clients, creating a brand clients trust.

The Problem: Ken & Michelle's family business didn't have a logo, website, social media, and brand materials to reflect their brand values and quality.

The Solution: Create a brand and website design that presents the values of Ken Shelton Construction and highlights the customer loyalty the business has built.



The primary logo for Ken Shelton Construction is a circular seal, representing their satisfaction guarantee to their home renovation customers. Both smooth and bold, the typography portrays the strong and luxurious homes Ken and his family renovate. When clients use a few words to describe Ken Shelton Construction, they say trust, honesty, and dependability. Using color psychology, a blue color palette was the perfect fit.


Ken needed a logo variation that would work horizontally for tee shirts, business cards, social banners, and stationary items. To make the alternate logo more visible on multiple backgrounds without a badge border, I switched the color of the center typography to the brand's light blue instead of the white from the primary logo.


Using the signature "S" and year ribbon, I designed a favicon and abbreviated brand mark for Ken's business. This is great for adding brand accents to footers, email signatures, stickers, and stationary items.


All my design clients receive miniature brand style guides to use as a quick reference when applying their branding. Here they can see their logos, brand marks color palette, font pairings, and other design elements I've created in the project. Ken's Mini Brand Style Guide includes a custom map I created for his customer to visually see the counties where he is available to renovate homes.



When redesigning the home page for Ken Shelton Construction, I wanted to really emphasize the feeling of home. "Turning Houses Into Homes Since 1996" is Ken's business slogan. Just below the navigation, you can see this in the first section of the homepage along with an animated image of a front door that says "Welcome Home" when scrolling down.


Ken is a master of all trades, however his kitchen and bathroom renovations really shine. They are his top two services. These are featured on his homepage beneath the welcome section.


Beneath a Testimonial Slideshow and Ken's About section, is the Home Renovation Gallery, featuring images some of his latest projects. When clicking on the images, clients are taken to a page showing the rest of his work portfolio.


On the internet, it can be hard to spot a "local" business when looking for home renovations. Does it serve your area, or neighboring ones? To help Ken's clients, I created a custom map featuring the counties he is available to work in. This visually helps site visitors see where he works without looking through pages or footer content.


Footers are places people often check for quick information. To help Ken's site visitors, there is a small about section followed by how he can be contacted for an estimate. His brand mark is also there to for brand consistency. When looking at the footer, visitors can also find the types of payment Ken accepts as well as links to the pages of his site.

"When it comes to remodeling, we can create anything! But when it came to branding our business, we didn’t know where to start. Ashley was so wonderful to work with, making the process easy and fun. We told her about our business and our values. From there, she was able to create and put together everything our business needed to create a solid brand. We are so grateful for her knowledge and work! Now we can get back to what we do best — remodeling!"

Ken & Michelle Shelton, Ken Shelton Construction



Bringing over elements from his website, I created an animated GIF for Ken's Facebook Page cover. It shows the main image, the "Welcome Home" text, and then Ken's Alternate Logo. For posts, I recommended recycling Instagram posts. By sharing posts from your Instagram feed, you rank better in news feeds for Facebook Algorithms. Especially when you share a few words and let the Instagram caption speak for itself.


Instagram is a great platform to use as a portfolio of your work. To increase views per post and profile visits, I created a feed layout and preset guide to give his gallery a consistent style. I've also give tips on call-to-action captions that will encourage visitors to comment. Instagram is also a great place to feature client testimonials. I've designed a template for Ken Shelton Construction's quotes from clients. These look great among the clients project photos.


Using the same custom map I created for his website, Facebook and Instagram visitor can quickly see the counties he is available to work in. This visually helps social media visitors see where he works without clicking through links or waiting for a direct message.



Ken's clients love his work so much, they refer him a lot. He is often asked for business cards to give to friends that stop by, in love with their new kitchen, bathroom, or other home renovation. A portfolio was the best way to reflect his craftsmanship. So I designed several business card backs featuring Ken's projects. Using my favorite business card printing service, Ken was able to get up to 50 different designs in the same print order featuring several of his home renovation projects.


The winter holidays are the perfect time to reflect on the year's past projects and thank clients for working with you. Ken likes to send out greeting cards each year featuring photos of his customers home projects that year. To help inspire projects for the new year, I designed a home renovation wish list on the back of his post cards. It's a fun inspiring list his customers can use to check mark projects they'd like to have completed next year.


Renovating a house can get messy. That's why Ken and his family wear durable and washable tee shirts to work. Tee shirts are a great way to promote your business while also acting as a professional "uniform" in your business. The front of the shirt feature's Ken's primary logo, pocket-sized, placed on the left side of the chest. This is a great way to represent his business without being distracting during a conversation. The back of the shirt boldly shows his alternate logo with large lettering. People in the neighborhood of his current project can see the name and find his website for a future project.

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