Lu & Ed: brand update & social media graphics

Lu & Ed is a fantastic small business that parents love almost as much as their kids. Cody, the amazing mama maker & owner of Lu & Ed, creates Mon-stor toy storage bags and monster plushies. My son has at least 3 Mon-stors and I don’t know how many monster plushies. He loves them!

Brand Updates for Lu & Ed

Designing for a Brand That is All Ready Great!

Cody already had an amazing logo & brand design. The monsters in her logo, the typography, and her tagline are the perfect fit for her products and more importantly, her audience. She just needed a few add-ons and updates.

Cody wanted to have a version of the Mon-storsfrom her logo to have bodies. These full body monsters are great for stickers, tee shirts, keychains... Their uses are infinite really. The cute monster buttons were a fun bonus design she can use for her website, social media posts, or on stationery & stickers.

Social Media Designs

Cody also wanted some some motivational graphics for her Facebook group and pinnable graphics for her blog posts. The blog post graphics work wonderfully with her new monster buttons. The text can be edited to show her website and other call to actions such as "read more", "shop now", or "sign me up".

Refreshed Business Cards

I love how Earth friendly Cody's monster making business is. All her products are made from textile discards. Not only is she keeping these items from going to the landfill, she also has a zero-waste production system in place. All the tiny scraps left over from making Mon-stors are diced up and blended with poly-fil to use as stuffing in her monster plushies! She takes the eco-friendly process even further when it comes to her packaging. All her Mon-stors™ and monster plushies are shipped in recycled food boxes by flipping them inside out and sealing them in biodegradable tape!

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