Oak Knoll Creations: personalized home decor

Oak Knoll Creations is a workshop run by Jarrid and Jackie - a husband and wife duo passionate about creating quality items for you and your loved ones. Using a laser, CNC router, and various woodworking tools, they offer unique signs, trays, and holiday decor.

Logo & Branding Redesign

Jackie & Jarrid needed their old watercolor logo redesigned with a whimsical & modern style they could use on their handcrafted products. This new version of their logo needed to look great on their products, business cards, and apparel. Using Design in 5, we worked together to create a beautiful new logo that fits their business goals.

Minimal Acorn & Oak Leaves

Jackie & Jarrid's old watercolor logo became a solid black acorn and leaves, when their engraved onto their products. This took away from their whimsical brand image. By creating a logo with minimal lines and an illustrated style, they can now use their logo on wood carvings, on tee shirts, and their website.

Autumn Colors

Adding black to Jackie & Jarrid's existing color palette gives the name "Oak Knoll Creations" a crisp and elegant effect while keeping their autumn mood.

Hand Lettered & Luxurious

The font set for Oak Knoll Creations is still the same whimsical pairing as before. These fonts fit the brand perfectly and customers already love it.

Watermarks with Beautiful Photography

To have a beautiful brand, you need to have eye catching photography. Jackie & Jarrid do a remarkable job on their product photography. With photos that speak for themselves, this new logo adds the signature touch to an already flawless image.

It doesn't get any better than this!

"I could not be happier with the work I received from Ashley! Along with other brand necessities, she gave my old logo a new look that I can now use on anything. Her enthusiasm and professionalism throughout the process was amazing. If you're needing anything to make your brand more cohesive, or just don't know where to start, I highly recommend hiring Ashley for her knowledge and skill. I was also pleased she sent files in all formats I could ever need for my projects. It doesn't get any better than this!" - Jackie & Jarrid

Thank You Stickers

In addition to a logo redesign and business cards, I designed a new thank you sticker for Oak Knoll Creations' packages. These stickers show Jackie & Jarrid's customers how much they appreciate their support and kindly ask for a review on their website.

Alternate Logo

As an alternate logo for horizontal layouts, I created a wide variation of Jackie & Jarrid's logo. This logo is great for websites, tags, and product labels.

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