S & Em Designs: a mum and daughter duo

Sarah and Emma are the mother and daughter duo behind S & Em Designs. Their small business is launching soon and will offer unique gifts that are ethically sourced quality goods. These will include reusable travel mugs, wine glasses, and bamboo tanks with sassy sayings for the woman who has a refined sense of humor.

About the Project

Social Media Templates

For their first Design in 5 project, Sarah and Emma needed social media templates they could use to build a following that was fun and engaging while people wait for the website to launch. During our call we brainstormed some fun ideas that they could easily update and recreate. These Canva templates include bingo boards, fill in the blank posts, checklists, and more.

A Quote From Sarah & Emma

"We worked with Ashley for both logo and social media design. She is a delight and is quick to understand what we wanted for our business. She was able to deliver designs and a look that we loved and reflected exactly what we were looking for!! She is super professional and very efficient. We highly recommend her." - Sarah & Emma, S & Em Designs

Logo Design

The next project with Sarah and Emma was to design their logo and merchandise. Their primary logo consists of both brand fonts while their alternate logo features their signature font. This logo variation is used on their merchandise to become a part of each typographic design. Their colors, seen in their social media templates, are burgundy, navy, and silver.

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