How To Save The Environment With Every Purchase

Since I was a kid, Earth Day has been one of my favorite holidays. Being outside, picking up trash, planting little trees... I love it! In school, we usually had some awesome people visit to tell us about the environment, how they help it, and how we can too. My most memorable Earth Day moment was getting a free recycled slinky. Yep, I thought that was the coolest thing ever!

Today we are going to talk about how you can shop earth consciously & introduce you to some awesome Small Business Earth Heroes.

How You Can

Save the Earth with Every Purchase

This year, marks the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day! With social distancing, we unfortunately will not be able to attend outdoor events to cleanup the environment. However, we can support the environment by shopping with Earth in mind. Here are some eco-friendly questions to consider when online shopping; today or any day.

#1: Does the shop use earth-friendly materials?

Buying products that are made with earth-friendly materials if very important when shopping. Look for items made with recycled or reclaimed fabrics. Find shops using renewable resources like bamboo paper or cotton rag from fashion industry off-cuts. Keeping materials out of landfills and cutting down fewer trees makes a huge difference for the environment.

#2: Does the shop use earth-friendly packaging?

Ask the shop owner if their packaging is earth-friendly. This includes the product packaging and shipping packaging.

Is the product wrapped in recycled paper or held in a reusable tin? We are seeing more and more products that are available in zero to little waste options.

Shop owners that are earth-friendly may use (to name a few) recycled packaging, biodegradable tape, stamps instead of stickers, and print on tree-free paper for shipping your order. There are many options out there for earth conscious packaging.

Earth Friendly Gift Tip: If you are sending a gift in the mail, you can reuse your food boxes (like a cereal box) just like some of these small business owners!

#3: Does the shop minimize or eliminate waste?

Businesses can minimize and sometimes completely eliminate the "trash" left over from making and shipping their products. This is a part of the business you don't often see. However it is still a very important question to ask when you are shopping to help the planet.

Fabric scraps can be diced to become stuffing, items can be parceled together to cut down on packaging, and orders can be picked up in bundles to reduce CO₂ emissions.

Meet Everyday Heroes

and their earth-friendly small businesses

To celebrate Earth Day, I've asked several eco-friendly small business owners to share how they help earth every day with every customer order. Show your support by visiting their online shops and saying hello on social media.

You can support this small businesses and the environment with every purchase as well as visiting them on social media. They'd love to hear from you!

Meet Katie, Owner of Thumbprint Soap

We believe "Unique is Beautiful."

Katie, owner and product developer of Thumbprint Soap, creates old fashioned soaps with modern fragrances & colors (palm-free!). If you are looking for beautiful skincare that is free of parabens & phthalates, you'll definitely love shopping at Thumbprint Soap. Not only are her products eco-friendly, Katie's packaging is too. It gets even better; because Katie is raising money to help the environment:

"This Earth Day, we are raising money for the Iowa Environmental Council. We appreciate what they and similar organizations are doing to preserve and protect their local environments." - Katie, Thumbprint Soap

Visit Thumbprint Soap | Instagram | Facebook | Blog

Meet Dawn, Owner of HP Boutiques

"Child-led Play & Nature-led Home"

Dawn, owner and maker of HP Boutiques, creates handmade, eco-friendly, and CPSC toy safety compliant toys. She offers adorable dolls, stuffies, and imaginative play items for nature minded families. Each toy is made in full or partially using upcycled, recycled, or sustainable materials. Dawn also ships orders from HP Boutiques in 100% recycled packaging or upcycled boxes with 100% recycled paper business cards.

"Earth Day should be celebrated every day, as each day in nature with Mother Earth is the best day." - Dawn, HP Boutiques

Visit HP Boutiques | Instagram | Facebook | Blog

Meet Cody, Owner of Lu & Ed

"Saving the World - One Monster at a Time"

Cody is the owner and mon-stor maker at Lu & Ed. She offers sustainably made, zero waste Monster Toy Storage Bags that kids "feed" toys and laundry to! Cody also makes sensory friendly stuffed monsters toys and more adorable items. If you love coffee, you should check out her Mother of Monsters Mug too.

"For Lu & Ed, Earth Day is every day! But each year, I love to use Earth Day as a way to bring awareness to textile waste globally & highlight what you and I can do together to reduce landfill waste & create a more sustainable future as a community." - Cody, Lu & Ed

Visit Lu & Ed | Instagram | Facebook | Blog

Meet Jackie, Co-Owner of Oak Knoll Creations

"We're a husband and wife duo that specializes in personalized home decor for all occasions."

Jackie and her husband are the owners and creators of Oak Knoll Creations. They offer personalized home decor featuring buckets, jewelry holders, spoons, holiday gifts, and more. (I personally love the honey bee jewelry holders!) Along with their earth friendly and nature inspired products, Jackie and her husband reuse shipping materials to send their products.

"In almost 3 years of business, we have never purchased air pillows for packaging our reclaimed sap buckets and other decor items. We love reusing shipping boxes and supplies whenever possible!" - Jackie, Oak Knoll Creations

Visit Oak Knoll Creations | Instagram | Facebook

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You're invited to join the Earth Day Celebration on Facebook this Wednesday from 11am to 4pm EST. We'll be sharing Earth Day activities and hosting a green giveaway! Hope to see you there!

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