Seeds & Stalks: herbal and holistic health

Design in 5 client, Rachel of Seeds & Stalks, is an herbalist, aromatherapist, and health coach. She needed a professional logo to compliment her beautiful website and build brand recognition with her clients.

The brand mark for Seeds & Stalks shows the "S" surrounded by the growing herbs. This mark can be used as a favicon on her website, on stickers, and stationary.

Stroke of Paint & Herbs

Rachel wanted her new logo to be clean, simple, and effective. The paint stroke gives the impression of a sunrise over a field of herbs. The line art is elegant and spot on with her profession.

Lavender Sunrise

The color palette for Seeds & Stalks is inspired by the sun rising over a field of lavender.

Serif & Sans-Serif

Merriweather is a beautiful serif font that was designed for readability on screens. Accompanied by Montserrat, a geometric sans-serif typeface, this font pairing is the best fit for Rachel's brand goals.

App Icon

Whit this icon design, Rachel's clients can save her website to mobile home screens to see her signature S, herb illustration, and brand paint swash background.

Navigation Logo

I designed this logo variation for Rachel's website navigation. This layout allows her clients to view her website easily and still see her brand name at the top.

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