Ten Box Bees: Branding and Label Design Project

About Christianne & William's Business

Ten Box Bees is a family owned and operated bee farm. Currently, they sell bees and honey and will be expanding into beeswax products such as candles, soaps, and balms. To be distinctive in the honey bee market, Christianne and William need a visual brand that stands apart from the rest. Working with them on this project has been a delight and I'm so excited to share their new branding with you.

New Brand Identity for Ten Box Bees


While working on logo concepts, Christianne sent me a bee they drew a while back and asked if I could incorporate it into their logo. Made of 10 boxes, it works perfectly with their brand name. I recreated the design and used typography that was clean, bold, and slightly whimsical. All these elements wrap up nicely into the bordering box.


Christianne and William will mostly use their logo on labels, profile image, and other place where a square logo fits best. However, there are some times, they will need a horizontal version of their logo. I created this alternate layout for them to use on larger labels, banners, business cards, and anything else the might need.


The Ten Box Bees stamp and brand mark can be used with or without the bounding box. This logomark is great for Christianne and William's tee shirts, favicons, watermarking, website footers, and more.


The Ten Box Bees mini brand style guide shows the different logo options for William and Christianne, as well as their brand colors and font pairings. This graphic is a quick reference style guide I create for all my design clients allowing them to easily apply their new branding designs.



After harvesting their honey, Christianne and William bottle their honey into 2 oz and 8 oz containers. They needed labels that included their logo, the amount of honey, where it is harvested, and other important details. Using their brand fonts, I designed 3 sticker labels that beautifully fit their brand and business. I also included their Instagram handle so their customers can share their experience on social media.



I believe it's the little details that really tie a brand look together. I made a variety of social icons for Christianne and William to use on their social media. These are perfect for Ten Box Bees Instagram highlights when they share stories about hive care, honey, life as a beekeeper, their beeswax products, and their favorite honey bee moments. Stop by Ten Box Bees on Instagram @TenBoxBees and say hello!

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