The Adames Method: Logo & Branding Design

Elizabeth is a personal trainer & nutritionist through her small business: The Adames Method. She helps busy women meet their health goals and manage their stress. You can find out more about her coaching on Instagram.

The Primary Logo

The Abbreviated Logo

Elizabeth's brand mark design uses the "A" and "circle" to highlight her primary logo elements & colors. This design is great for her website's favicon, footer, or Instagram highlight icon.

Typography, Colors, & Collateral Design

The Busy Woman's Guide is a lead magnet template designed for Elizabeth to provide guides, workbooks, and other content for her clients and health community. Paired with beautiful business cards she can adapt to fit her business needs in the future.

A Special Note about the Brand Mark

The geometric elephant is a brand element adapted from her previous branding. It adds a bit of edge to her feminine script font and symbolizes wisdom and positive energy.

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