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The Curious Pets: Branding & Wix Website Design Project

Do you have any furry friends in need of a fun collar or bow? If so, you'll love The Curious Pets!

Handmade Accessories for Furry Friends

The Curious Pets is a handmade pet collar and accessories shop by Nicole Wall. Here, you'll find collars for dogs and cats in fashionable and fun fabric prints. Each collar is equipped with an easy-release breakaway buckle and a d-ring for id tags. You can also adjust the length of the collars for a perfect fit. Tip: Don't skip the accessories. Nicole has created bowties and flower bows you can use to dress up your pet's collar for any occasion. At the moment she has some super awesome Halloween items available.

Branding for The Curious Pets

Inspired by Awesome Pets that Wear Fashionable Collars

Last year, I made Nicole this logo and branding identity for her new pet collar business. She is a delight to work with and I just love her creations.

Badge Logo

The Curious Pets' primary logo is a badge anchoring the brand's illustrations and wordmark together. The tall layout and clean border makes this logo ideal for websites, packaging, stickers, apparel, and more. Additionally, the logo can be represented without the border.

The Wordmark

When we began the project, Nicole wanted to have the business name in all lowercase letters. I loved the uniqueness of the idea. While designing I thought an upside down "i" would make a great collar. She also needed a logo variation that would fit on her collar tags. This wide layout was the perfect fit.

A Dog, Some Yarn, and a Cat

I'm a Disney fan and I love Jock's character in Lady & the Tramp. He is sweet, loyal, and fierce. Naturally I thought of him while illustrating the dog and cat silhouettes. The dog's collar has a gold tag like the upside down "i" in the wordmark. To balance the two, I added a little ball of gold yarn for the cat to play with.

Colors & Collars

For each variation of Nicole's logo the "i" collars have multiple color options. Having various color options of your logo gives you the freedom to choose the best option for a sale, watermark, or when getting tags for your business.

The Curious Pets Website

A Custom Wix Site Design

When I launched Logodentity this summer, I decided to stop by Nicole's social media and see how things were going. I noticed she had taken an extended hiatus and was getting ready to launch her business. So I reached out to see if she needed any help. Turns out I contacted her at just the right time.

Nicole had begun creating her online store using a Wix website template. She was off to a great start. All her content ready to go. However, some things weren't working the way they should. Nicole asked me to take a look and see what I could do to make the site user friendly and prepare it for launch.

Creating an Interesting Background

Backgrounds are a great opportunity to accent your brand and make your website unique. At the start of the website process, Nicole chose a soft cream background with black spots. The background was slightly too dark and the dots made the content difficult to read. By lightening the background and adding solid containers to the text areas, I was able to create a similar style while making the content legible. I also took the opportunity to subtly add her brand colors among the dots with a custom repeat pattern.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

One of the great things about Wix websites, is the chance to edit the SEO of each page. You can give it a description, choose an image, and know how your site will be presented in search engines. It's a powerful tool. I used this opportunity to make Nicole's website searchable and help improve her search rankings in Google.

Mobile Friendly = Customer Friendly

Most online customers visit websites on their mobile phones. This means having a responsive mobile-friendly website is vital for your online business. For Nicole's mobile website, I designed an alternate layout that shows all the information from the desktop site while being user friendly on the smaller device.

Connect with Nicole at The Curious Pets

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