Brand Parcel Refill

*Refills are only for Logodentity Branding Clients.


Have you run out of business cards? Need more sticker labels? No worries! This Brand Parcel Refill makes replacing your stationery quick and easy.


How the Brand Parcel Refill works:

Step 1: Purchase the Brand Parcel Refill.

Step 2: Check your email to select the items you'd like in your brand parcel.

Step 3: Receive beautiful brand goodies in your mailbox.


What is included with the Brand Parcel Refill?


Option A:

(Choose One)

  • 50 Business Cards
  • 25 Postcards/Flyers/other paper print

(Choose Two)

  • 3 Sticker Packs
  • 1 Packaging Tape
  • 1 Tee Shirt
  • 1 Tote


Option B:

(Choose One)

  • 100 Business Cards
  • 50 Postcards/Flyers/other paper print

(Choose One)

  • 2 Sticker Packs
  • 1 Packaging Tape


Option C:

(Choose One)

  • 150 Business Cards
  • 75 Postcards/Flyers/other paper print


Need to keep your brand supplies stocked regularly so you don't run out again?

Choose one of the subscription options to get scheduled refills.


How do subscriptions work?

Get weekly, monthly, or yearly refills to make filling your customer orders easier.


Can I change my parcel for my next refill?

Yes; each refill round you'll recieve an email asking what brand supplies you'd like in your parcel.


Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes; you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Brand Parcel Refill

Price Options
One-time purchase
Monthly Brand Box
Save 15% when you get brand supplies every month!
$84.15monthly/ auto-renew
Weekly Brand Fix!
Save 20% when you get your custom brand supplies each week!
$79.20weekly/ auto-renew
Annual Refill
Save 10% when you get yearly Brand Parcel refills
$89.10yearly/ auto-renew