Economy Branding Passport - Brand & Collateral Design

4 - 6 Weeks | $2,400 | Limited Availability 

Includes Logo, Branding, & Collateral Design 


Give your business a professional look with a new beautiful logo and visual brand. The Economy Branding Passport will enable you to spend less time trying to get noticed and more time following your passion. 


When you work with Logodentity, you’ll gain more than a logo - you’ll acquire a passport package filled with assets that build recognition and loyalty with your clients and customers. 


What comes with the Economy Branding Passport?


  • Set of 4 Logos

​With the Economy Branding Passport you'll get a primary logo and up to 3 alternate logo variations. Sometimes you need your logo to fit in a small circle or in a thin sidebar. Having multiple logos with the same consistent brand style is key to building loyalty and recognition with your customers. This is why I design a tall logo, wide logo, small logo, and solid color logo for my clients.


  • 2 Brand Elements​

Brand elements are used to add special details to stationery, websites, packaging, and other aspects of your visual brand. You brand elements could be site icons, a seamless pattern, a stamp, or something else that is the perfect accent to your small business.


  • Signature Color Palette

Every brand is unique, especially when it comes to color palettes. Some business only have 3 colors in their palette while others have 7. Having a signature color palette inspired by your business goals and values is a key component for brand recognition and brand consistency. 


  • Font Pairing Directory

You'll love having a font set that pairs well together while letting your logo stand out. Your brand font pairing directory includes links to download your fonts as well as a guide to use them in your projects consistently.


  • Business Card Designs

Logodentity orders business cards from which offers a process called Printfinity. This allows you to have multiple designs in the same print project for the price of 1! One side of your business cards will have your business information while the other can have up to 50 designs featuring your brand elements, products, custom playing cards, or another great idea that fits your brand values.


  • 2 Stationery Designs

​Every small business needs something different when it comes to stationery. Choose 2 items for your project, such as Letterhead, Postcards, Booklets, Catalogs, Flyers, Brochures, or another stationery item your need.


  • Square Social Media Graphics​

A small set of square brand templates you can customize to create social media graphics for use on Instagram, Facebook, your newsletter, & more.


  • Tall or Wide Social Media Graphics​

A small set of tall or wide brand templates you can customize to create matching social media graphics.


Tall graphics are great for Instagram & Facebook Stories, Pinterest, and sidebar advertisements.

Wide graphics work best on Twitter, Facebook, newsletters, and banner advertisements.


  • Google Drive File

​Once completed, I’ll finalize your design files, upload them into your project Google Drive folder, and email the link to you. Your project deliverables include JPG, PNG, and SVG files. You'll also find digital color profiles (RGB) and print color profiles (CMYK).


  • Brand Sample Parcel​

​A few weeks after the project is complete, be on the look out for a sweet package in your mailbox (or on the porch) filled with custom branded sample goodies! Your box includes a pocket sized Brand Passport, 50 Business Cards, a tee shirt or tote, and stickers or a coffee mug.

Economy Branding Passport - Brand & Collateral Design

Price Options
One-time purchase
6 Month Plan
purchase your branding service in 6 monthly payments
$415.00monthly/ 6 months
12 Month Plan
purchase your branding service in 12 monthly payments
$210.00monthly/ 12 months
  • Logo Set & Branding Design

    + Brand Passport

    + 4 Logos

    + 2 Brand Elements

    + Signature Color Palette

    + Font Pairing Directory

    + Business Card Designs

    + 2 Stationery Designs

    + Social Media Graphics

    + Google Drive File

    + Brand Sample Parcel

  • Deliverables

    Digital Deliverables

    + JPG, PNG, PDF, and SVG files

    + RGB & CMYK color profiles

    Printed Gifts

    + Pocket Sized Brand Passport

    + 50 Business Cards

    + Tee Shirt or Tote

    + Stickers or a Coffee Mug

  • Strategy & Design Process

    + Brand Strategy Call

    + Inspiration Board Collaboration

    + Research & Sketching

    + Up to 3 Design Concepts

    + 4 Project Calls

    + 2 Rounds of Revisions

    + Finalizing & Delivery

    + Lifetime File Replacement

    + 30 Days of Post-Design Support







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