Sonder | Tall Social Media Template

The Sonder Tall Social Media Template pack is built in Canva so you can create your own styled graphics without professional software. Customizing is easy. Change the colors, add your own images, and apply your brand elements on the Canva website or the Canva app.


This social media template is inspired by the word Sonder - noun. coming to the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid & complex as your own.


Compatible with Canva, Pinterest, Instagram, and Wix Blog.

Sonder | Tall Social Media Template

  • How It Works:

    1. Create a Free Canva account.
    2. Buy this template and download the welcome file.
    3. Click the Canva Template link inside the file.
    4. Click “Use Template” and begin customizing!

    This template works for both free and pro Canva users.

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