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Earn Tickets, Get Rewards!

I'm so excited to share my client referral program with you. This program is for design clients that loved the experience and results of working with me and want to help other small business owners get a beautiful brand and website.

How to Earn Tickets:

Sign up for the Referral Program.

To become a Referral Partner, fill out the form at the bottom of this page to apply for the referral program. Then, check your email for details on the next steps.

P.S. you'll earn 1 ticket just for signing up!

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Refer Logodentity to earn tickets for new bookings.

Referring clients is easy. Simply send your fellow entrepreneurs to my website. When your referral inquires with me, they'll be able to name you as the person who referred them on my booking form. Once they've signed their contract, you'll earn tickets!


Economy Passports: Earn 1 Ticket

Priority Passports: Earn 2 Tickets

First Class Passports: Earn 3 Tickets

Double Ticket challenges for faster Rewards.

Earn tickets even faster with Double Ticket challenges including promotional events, games, and other surprises.

You'll receive details about new challenges via the Referral Partner newsletter.

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Earn 2 Extra Tickets when you start a new project.

Let's work together again! As a Referral Partner, when you book a new project at Logodentity, you'll earn 2 extra tickets.

This includes Passport Design Services and special offers.

Choose Your Rewards

Each month, you'll receive a newsletter summary with your current Ticket Balance. When you're ready to redeem your tickets for a reward, simply reply to the email with your reward choice.

Custom business cards, stickers, or tape.


FREE VIP Day Experience!


Custom tee shirts, tote bags, or fabric yards.


Custom enamel mugs, product packaging, or a wall sign.


FREE First Class Branding or Website Passport Design!

Gifting Success

When you refer your friends and fellow entrepreneurs, you're gifting them the opportunity to level up their business. #CommunityOverCompetition

With each client you refer, you'll earn tickets that you can redeem for special rewards.

With this program, your friends get to grow their success and you earn rewards you can use in your own business. It's a win-win! Ready to get started? Fill out the form to sign up.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find my ticket balance?


At the end of each monthly Logodentity newsletter, you'll see your referral ticket summary via email showing your ticket balance & the available rewards. Or, you can ask me :)

How do I redeem my ticket rewards?


Simply reply to any newsletter featuring your referral ticket summary email and let me know which reward you'd like to redeem.

Do tickets expire?


Yes; referral tickets expire one year after they are earned.

If you earn 2 tickets in January and 5 tickets in March, then February the following year, the first 2 tickets would expire. At that time you would still have 5 tickets.

What if my referral's project is cancelled?


If a project is cancelled, the tickets that are no longer active will be removed from your ticket balance.

Can I get tickets for past referral clients?


If you have a sent a referral my way with a qualified design purchase in the past 12 months, you can receive tickets for those past client referrals.

Can you send me some of your business cards?


If you would like to hand out my business cards to refer clients, email