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Designer Ashley Shelton designing on her Laptop

Welcome Aboard!


Hello! I am so excited to work with you on your design journey. Together, we will create beautiful visual designs that make an instant lasting impression with your ideal customers.


As we take off on this new adventure, I wanted to take a moment to remind you of the boundaries and policies of working with me as well as the design process.

Policies & Boundaries

Office Hour Policy
Logodentity Designer Ashley Shelton and her son designing in downtown

My Office Hours

Monday - Thursday

5:00 AM - 11:00 AM EDT

I am accessible via email during normal business hours and have client meetings via Zoom during office hours.

Out of Office


Thursday, Friday, & Sunday


If you reach out to me on the weekend or after regular office hours, I will get back to you on the following business day excluding holidays.

Unforeseen Delays

As a mom and human, there may be sick days or emergencies that are unpredictable. IF your project is delayed for any reason, you will be notified a.s.a.p. However, as my work can travel with me, delays are minimal.

Holidays & Days Off

Observed Holidays

I am not accessible for calls, emails, or support tickets on the following holidays as the office will be closed:

  • January 1 & 2 - New Years

  • February 14 & 25 - Family Days

  • March 10 - 20 - Annual Spring Trip

  • July 4 - Independence Day

  • July 22 - 24 - Family Days

  • August 5 - My Birthday

  • August 6, & 17 - 22 - Family Days

  • September 4 - Labor Day

  • October 13 - 15 - Family Days

  • October 31 - Halloween

  • November 22 - 28 - Thanksgiving Break

  • December 8 - 16 - Annual Winter Trip

  • December 23 - 31 - Christmas Break

Questions & Answers

Q: Will holidays affect my project end date?

No; your project timeline was set with these holidays in mind and will not be delayed by holidays or family events.

Q: What if I need urgent website support?

If you need urgent or immediate support on your Wix website while I am out of the office, please contact Wix Customer Care or visit the Wix Help Center for knowledgebase tutorials and articles. 

Communication Policy
Logodentity Designer Ashley Shelton and her son with the brand parcel and passport
Ashley Shelton

Brand & Web Designer

Methods of Communication

Communication with me about your project will only be handled via email, support ticket, or zoom meeting.

Response Time

After you submit a request or question via support ticket, you'll receive a confirmation email that your message has been delivered.


In 48 hours or less, you can expect a detailed response via email.


Delays in response times from you when the project is awaiting feedback or other details will cause delays in the project timeline and may result in the project end date being extended.

Meeting Attendance

During the scheduled time of the call I will wait 10 minutes for you to attend the Zoom meeting.


After 10 minutes, it is my company policy for the call to be marked as a no-show and the call must be rescheduled.


Rescheduled calls will delay the timeline and completion date of the project.

Contact Person

Due to the complexity of the design process, I will communicate with the primary decision maker during this project.


However, your other team members may be added to emails so they can complete tasks for you. 

Confidentiality Policy

I adhere to a strict confidentiality policy and no information will be divulged to a third party. I take your confidentiality very seriously – all passwords are kept private and I use the highest level of internet security. 


Additional confidentiality measures are outlined in our contract.


Design Passport™ Experience

Starting Your Project
Logodentity Designer Ashley Shelton behind the scenes designing
Rush Policy

Depending on schedule availability, for a $1000 rush fee, you can request a rush job to shorten the timeline of the project.


If you request a project completion date sooner than the date listed on our contract, I may be able to help, however, the rush fee must be paid for faster completion.


Logodentity is not responsible for rushing the project due to ambitious launch dates or deadlines. I do obtain the right to approve or decline providing the rush option to clients based on availability.


If you want to inquire about completing your project sooner than our contracted completion date, please connect with me via email. 


Post Design Support

Logodentity Designer Ashley Shelton standing in a stone archway downtown

14 Days of Post Design Support

After your offboarding call has ended, you'll receive 14 office days of post design support.

Support is provided to help bring clarity as you start to use your new brand and website on your own. 


7 Days before your support ends, I'll set up a Concierge Service Call with you to see how you are doing with your new designs and offer guidance in using your designs consistently. I'll also use this call to share ideas on what you could do next with your brand and website.

Support FAQs

Q: When will my design support begin and end?

Your 14 business days of support begins immediately after your offboarding call.


There are no changes or revisions made during the support phase. Support is only provided to help bring clarity on the use of your designs after the offboarding call is over.


If you need support beyond 14 days, we will connect about this on your progress call so that you may purchase additional support time. 

Q: How should I request support?

Please only submit support requests via my support ticketing system. The ticketing system allows me to manage your request in a timely manner. 


An email to me instead of using the ticketing system may cause a delay in responding to your support question.

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