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Career Unicorns

Samorn Selim

Career Coach

Samorn at Career Unicorns coaches BIPOC, women, and first-generation professionals who feel stuck, frustrated, and overwhelmed at work to take action to build their dream careers in 3 months.

Struggles Before the Project

"I had a website using a Squarespace template. I received a lot of positive comments about it. But I couldn't customize it to showcase my brand and logo. I felt it was time to update my brand so that my colors, photos, and copy showcased my work and who I worked with in a clearer way."

The Goals for the Project

Our goals for Samorn's project were to:
+ Create a beautiful website that fits her mission and values as her business changes and grows.
+ Have her website ready for the next step: a coaching program with a client community.
+ Create a 1 page website and talk about options for her coaching platform in the future.

Results After the Project

"Working with Ashley has been great. She understood my brand around "Career Unicorns" and was able to highlight my logo and colors throughout the website. She also created a one page layout that made it easy for people who are using their phones to quickly scan the website."

"1. My brand, logo, and colors are clearly highlighted and consistent throughout the website.
2. We had a clear call to action for potential clients who are interested in learning more about my service.
3. When people reach out to me for my services, they share that they appreciate the layout and how clear my services are."

Career Unicorns

"I highly recommend workin