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Karyn Paige

Karyn Paige

Human Design Mindset Coach

Karyn is a Human Design Mindset Coach for women seeking support on their personal development journey. Her coaching services are designed to be inclusive, diverse, and barrier-breaking. As a former mentee of Karyn, I can honestly say she is a great listener and motivator.


Karyn was struggling with brand awareness, making consistent income, and bridging the gap between what her audience knows about human design and what she can do to help them. With the Design Map™ Brief, Karyn gained clarity on her unique messaging, ideal audience, and visual personality.

"My new brand has transformed the way I show up online and communicate to my audience. My messaging is supported by eye-catching, emotion-evoking visuals."- Karyn Paige


"Not only has Ashley helped me successfully realize my design goals; she's also exceeded them greatly and inspired me to create new goals." - Karyn Paige

During Karyn's Design Passport™ we implemented the action steps from her Design Map™ Brief to create social media templates, a content calendar, a visibility plan, business cards, thank you cards, and a website style guide for consistent branding.

Results After the Project

"I'm excited about how versatile my new brand is. There are so many ways that I can already use Ashley's designs for social media content, and there are lots of future possibilities available as my business grows." - Karyn Paige

By the end of her Design Passport™, Karyn booked her first Business Human Design Session, was able to implement a consistent content schedule, and landed two summer speaking events.

She's going to create designs that you couldn't even imagine...

"When you're working with Ashley, you can speak to her openly and she'll reflect your brand identity back to you. It's a gift. She's going to create designs that you couldn't even imagine, and go above and beyond with strategies on how to use your brand."

Karyn Paige
Golden Oasis

Brand Touchpoints

Aura Type Business Cards
Using the Printfinity option at, I was able to create a different business card design for Karyn based on each aura type in Human Design. Fun Fact: I am a Reflector which is the rarest of aura types. You can learn about your aura type by taking Karyn's Free human design course at

Motivational Thank You Cards
With one side blank for writing personalized thank you notes, these motivational cards will be a delightful surprise in her coaching clients mailboxes. Not only do they get a handwritten note, they can also pin it on a will or stick it on the fridge to inspire them when they need a little boost.

Social Media Templates
Over 30 designs with varying layouts, brand elements, and brand colors so Karyn can easily create posts for her Instagram feed, stories, highlights, and reels covers as well as pinnable for her blog posts.

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