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Ken Shelton Construction

Ken & Michelle Shelton

Home Renovations

Ken Shelton Construction is a successful family business that has been remodeling homes since 1996. Most of Ken Shelton Construction clients are by referral. His excellent quality of work and clear communication with customers, has resulted in loyal clients, creating a brand clients trust.


Ken & Michelle's family business didn't have a logo, website, social media, and brand materials to reflect their brand values and quality.


Create a brand and website design that presents the values of Ken Shelton Construction and highlights the customer loyalty the business has built.

Results After the Project

After publishing the new Ken Shelton Construction website, Ken & Michelle saw an huge increase in client inquiries & and ultimately a growth in revenue. Their shirts, business cards, and annual holiday cards also have helped promote their business while they are on the job.

Ashley was so Wonderful to Work With

"When it comes to remodeling, we can create anything! But when it came to branding our business, we didn’t know where to start. Ashley was so wonderful to work with, making the process easy and fun. We told her about our business and our values. From there, she was able to create and put together everything our business needed to create a solid brand. We are so grateful for her knowledge and work! Now we can get back to what we do best — remodeling!"

Ken & Michelle Shelton
The Brand Colors

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