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Move to Wellness

Marg Diefenbach

Move, Nourish, Live Well

Marg is the founder of Move to Wellness and the Move Well to Halt Diabetes Protocol. Her passion is to help people move, nourish and live well!! She helps her clients transform their health and make lasting changes in their lifestyle.


Marg reached out to me because her current logo wasn’t elegant and didn’t look professional.


A varying logo set that provides consistency and flexibility.
Brand assets that can be used on sales pages, social media posts, and presentations.

Results After the Project

"I’ve got consistency in my designs. But consistency with variety. So I have a brand which I could then get someone to build my website. I didn’t have a website pre Ashley ❤️" - Marg

I Recommend Ashley All the Time

"Love Logodentity. I recommend Ashley all the time. Brilliant and affordable. The outcome. Amazing assets I have now to work with. And Ashley was lovely."

Marg Diefenbach
Color Palette

Canva Template Walkthrough

Learning new tools can give you a headache. That's why I love to have training calls with my clients.

After her project was finished Marg reached out to me and told me how much she loved her templates but was worried she was not making the most of them. Because she wasn't sure how to use all the Canva features, we got on a call and I walked her through the process of using her templates to the fullest. Now she can create presentations even faster and quickly change the color theme to match her modules.

Ready to Let Logodentity Make Your Brand Vision a Reality?

Let’s Create a Lasting Brand That Helps Your Business Reach New Heights.
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