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Tech Growth Coach

Logo Suite: Primary, Secondary, Emblem, Submark, & Signature Logos

Product Marketing + Tech Career Coach

Yi Lin Pei is a product marketing and tech career coach at Tech Growth Coach. She helps her clients land their dream jobs, grow in their first 90 days, and thrive as they become the leader they want to be.


Before working together Yi Lin was struggling with a website that did not convey her expertise and had low conversion rates. She also wanted help finding a way to balance her various coaching services.


With this project we will used strategy and style to convey trust and expertise, create a content flow that keeps visitors reading, and a site structure that will help convert traffic into leads.

Results After the Project

Within a few weeks, Yi Lin saw an increase in leads. More details coming soon.

Logo Suite

The 3 dots in the logo suite represent each part of Yi Lin's Tech Growth Coach offers: product marketing coaching, tech career coaching, and her job search course. Her suite includes logos for Tech Growth Coach as well as signature logos for Yi Lin Pei.

Logo Suite: Primary, Secondary, Emblem, Submark, & Signature Logos
Tech Growth Coach

Teach Growth Coach Website

More details coming soon.

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