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Vitality Success Blueprint

Hawaiian Inspired Brand

Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle

Dr. Brooke Foreman is an integrative health coach and acupuncturist in Hawaii. Her online program, the Vitality Success Blueprint™, helps her members live life to the fullest with an anti-inflammatory lifestyle.


Dr. Brooke's current logo files were old, low resolution, and the designer she had before was not available. While transitioning into her new Vitality Success Blueprint™, she needed a new logo set that would work well with her current one. Brooke also wanted to incorporate the feel of travel stamps because her new program may, in the future, include group retreats in Kauai, Hawaii.


Create a brand that compliments her current acupuncture business.
Use a design style that incorporates the look of travel stamps.
Bonus: a set of social media banners and graphics Dr. Brooke can use for her new program.

Results After the Project

A new brand that is tropical, stamp-inspired, and centered around community.

Brooke's brand guidelines, design files, and Canva templates made updating her website & connecting with her community on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram smooth-sailing.

Hawaiian Summer Vacations

While designing Dr. Brooke’s branding project for her Vitality Success Blueprint™️, it brought to mind memories of Hawaiian summer vacations with my family. Vacations filled with beautiful hibiscus flowers, waterfalls, rainbows, the best pineapples, and adventure.

Hawaiian Inspired Brand
Tropical Color Palette

Canva Templates

Dr. Brooke's new Canva templates save her time while creating social media posts that share recipes, blog posts, checklists, and helpful resources for her clients. With many opportunities to show her tropical color palette while maintaining clear layouts, her graphics are easy to read, and easily stand out on social media feeds.

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