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404 Error Page: How-To Help Customers When They Are Lost

Sometimes links are broken or a customer types the path of your URL incorrectly. Then they arrive at the dreaded 404 Error Page. They are now lost. Do they stick around? Most of the time, no they don’t. But we can fix that!

How to help your customers when they land on your error page.

How-To Help Your Customers When They are Lost

With Wix, you can easily customize your 404 Error Page into a landing page that helps your lost customer find what they are looking for, and potentially discover something they didn’t know they needed! Who knew taking a wrong turn could be so right?

Change the Message

Change the main message of the page from an error page to an opportunity page. This page should be a central map that shows site visitors what your business is all about and how to find what they are looking for.

5 Ideas to Boost Your 404 Error Page Results

1. Blame an adorable pet.

Share an image of an adorable animal that makes your visitors go "Awww. So cute!" Then, include a message saying the pet may have accidentally eaten or shredded the page you were looking for. But that's okay! Because here are a bunch of great ones you'll probably love.

2. Offer a prize!

Give your visitors a free coffee, donut, discount code, or other incentive to celebrate their discovery even though the page they originally wanted is not there.

3. Feature your search bar.

Want to keep it simple? Make the page a search page with a clear message that invites visitors to explore and find a solution to their problem.

4. Replace cookie-cutter "Link In Bio" services.

Stop using Linktree, Later, ShortStack, and other landing page creators for your link in bio. Instead, turn your error page into your own custom branded Link in Bio page. This way your visitors are already on your site and building recognition with your brand. Plus you have 100% creative control with your page all in one place.

5. Create a "Start Here" guide.

Guide your customers step by step on buying your products or booking your services. Use this page idea to introduce them to what you offer with a clear call to action.


Bonus 404 Error Page Content

Add an About Summary

Your 404 error page visitors may be completely new to your business. Let them know exactly who you are and how you can help them. Keep it simple and to the point. They can learn more as they explore your website.

Top 5 Links

Take a look at your website traffic. Find the Top 5 links your visitors use and feature them on your 404 error page. Or, feature the 5 links you most want new visitors to see.


Get a Professional 404 Error Page Design

Ready for a custom 404 Error Page for your Wix Website, but not sure where to start? Book a free call with me to brainstorm a strategy for your new project.


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