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5 Places to Find Free Stock Photos

You’re more than a small business owner, you’re a storyteller. When a customer is shopping with you, they want to feel reassured and see that personal touch in what you offer. One way you can tell your story is through stock photos and graphics. Yet finding ones you can use is a minefield. In this article, I’m going to share five places you can find royalty-free stock photos. These photos are free to use, free to change, and free to tell your story to your clients!

5 Places to Find Free Stock Photos

And How to Easily Add Images to Your Wix Website

Type in what you’re looking for at the top of the page and within a click you’ll find lots of professional quality photos. All photos are free to use or change and can give your website that extra polish. You don’t even have to give credit to the photographer, but recognition is nice. One quick search will show you a stream of great photos. They are all provided by talented photographers who are happy to share their work.

Like the last site, awesome stock photos are simply a search away. The great thing about this site is that the photo pool is different from Pexels. If you didn’t quite find what you were looking for on the previous site, you might find a match here. You can even search for illustrations, videos, and music with the same ease that you can search for photos. Pictures from this site are a perfect way to tell your story and increase engagement on social media.

Stocksnap is another site that wants to make life easier for you when it comes to photos. Like Pexels or Pixabay the photos are free to use. You can also search by category, such as architecture or nature. Or check what images are trending right now. Yet again, there are hundreds of high-quality photos to choose from. With all this choice, you can show your clients the sentiment behind what you do before you even write a word.

4. Unsplash with Wix

Unsplash on its own is a terrific stock photography site. Made even better by the built-in integration on Wix. Using the Wix media manager you can pull images straight into your project from Unsplash. This works in the editor, product tab, bookings, and more. The images are completely free to use and make your website look stunning.

5. Built-In Wix Media

Wix offers free stock too. Write a blog post or edit your Wix website. Then add images, videos, and illustrations from Wix tab in your media manager. Search for fabulous images that fit the topic of your page. Then publish. It's that easy.

Build Your Visual Brand

High quality pictures are important for brand identity. These 5 stock photo websites have plenty of options to show what you do and how you want your clients to feel. Paying for stock images isn’t the only way to get good photography. Save time and money with these sites and build your visual brand recognition.

Which stock photo site is your favorite?


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