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15 Creative Ideas for Infinite Business Cards

Don't waste your business cards by listing only your contact information. Get creative instead with infinite options that give your business cards new purpose.

Why Get Infinite Business Cards?

Imagine printing a pack of business cards with a different design on each and every one for the same cost of printing a single design... With Printfinity from Moo, you can. But why would you want to?

  • Save Money & Get More

  • Stand Out in Your Niche

  • Be True to Your Brand Values

Designing business cards with intentional purpose, adds more value to your investment. Your cards can be used for labeling products, staging photos, return customers, getting referrals, and much more!

15 Creative Printfinity Business Card Ideas

1 | Showcase

Display up to 50 of your product photos, service details, or portfolio of your past work. Let each card show something amazing and potentially upsell an item or convince a potential shopper to buy from you.

2 | Jewelry Backing

Do you sell jewelry? Then business cards are perfect for your business! Especially when they double as backing cards to hold your earrings or necklaces. Don't forget to use Printfinity to show details such as: nickel-free, 18k white gold, Rose Quartz or even the length of chain.

3 | Product Tags

Punch a hole. Add some string. Now you have hang tags to label your products with. Printfinity is great for shops that need care cards or other product specific details for multiple products.

Hang Tags designed for BlacMarc Designs for their various apparel care instructions and a special source description tag for their water-resistant fleece products.

4 | Loyalty Rewards

Loyalty reward cards are a perfect fit for brick & mortar businesses. Stamp, sticker, or hole punch their card each visit. These business cards will encourage your customers to come back for more, building loyalty in your brand.

5 | Testimonials

Let potential customers know how much your current customers already love your small business. Pull awesome quotes from your testimonials, and add photos or illustrations to match the purchase they made other elements of your brand.

6 | Collectables

Who doesn't love card collecting. Trading cards. Art Cards. There are so many possibilities with collectable themed business cards!

Trading Cards designed for Lu & Ed illustrating the different eco-friendly storage and plushie monsters available for adoption.

7 | Card Games

Order them & then sell them! Who says business cards have to be business cards? Not this designer. With 50 cards in a set, business cards can make the perfect set of playing cards. You can have a standard playing card deck with custom queens, hearts, diamonds, et cetera... Or, you can have a completely custom card game to fit your audience. Then, list your awesome new card game in your shop!

8 | Acrylic Pin Display

Offer pins to your subscribers or sell them in your shop and display them beautifully with this business card idea. Each card design can be unique per pin to set the background of the subject or just show off your awesome color palette!

9 | Team IDs

Give your team ID cards or introduce them to your customers so they know who is working on their awesome purchases! Include their photo (or illustration), name, job title, and a fun fact like... how much they love bow ties or caramel macchiatos.

10 | Appointment Reminders

Business cards that double as appointment reminders are great for coaches, therapists, and other businesses that meet one-on-one with their clients. Fill in the blanks and hand it to them on their way out of your office, or mail it to them so they remember to save the date.


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11 | Referral Program

Have a referral program? Send your customers cards they can write their name on and hand out to their friends. Include the reward for the person referring and the new customer so the both can benefit from that first purchase.

12 | Coupon Codes

Encourage shoppers to make a second purchase with a VIP coupon code unique to them. With 50 card designs, you can give each customer a completely custom code. Or, you can have a coupon code that is the same on every card and features a different theme, color, or pattern from your brand elements.

13 | Feedback Form

Turn your business card into a miniature handwritten testimonial with the Feedback Form business card idea. Add some blank stars so they can give you a rating. Then you can share a photo of the filled out card with your audience or frame it in your office.

14 | Thank You Notes

Say "Thank You" in your brand font and leave room for a handwritten thank you note. Or, have various designs of on-brand thank you sayings that are practically works of art themselves. Thank you notes are the perfect addition to send out with your customer orders.

15 | Challenge Prompts

Have some fun! Challenge your customers to take a photo using your new product in unique ways such as posing with the Eiffel Tower or wearing it at the Grand Canyon.


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