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12 Days of Giftmas | 2021 Event

Each year during the winter holiday season, I enjoy hosting 12 days of gift giving to my clients. This year, the Logodentity 12 Days of Giftmas Event is offering 6 gifts of family games and 6 gifts of travel gear. To get your gift, simply schedule a call with me and book your 2022 design project by December 20th, 2021. Spots are limited. So be sure to book your call a.s.a.p.

Happy Giftmas from Logodentity!

Logodentity Gift Bag and Tissue Paper

How to Get Your Gift of Giftmas

Step 1 | Schedule a Call

Schedule a call with me between now and December 17th so we can talk about your 2022 design project needs.

Step 2 | Reserve Your Spot

To officially book your project and reserve your spot of my 2022 design queue, you'll need to: accept your project proposal, sign the contract, and pay your initial deposit.

Step 3 | Enjoy Your Gift

Once your initial deposit is paid, I'll send your gift of Giftmas!

This Year's Giftmas List:

Follow along on Instagram to see the gifts throughout the Giftmas event.

Nov. 23rd

Trekking the World Board Game

Nov. 24th

Stojo Collapsible Travel Cup

Nov. 29th

Travelling Chess Set

Nov. 30th

Beeswax Food Wraps

Dec. 1st

Travelling Mancala Board

Dec. 2nd

Hidden Pocket Scarf

Dec. 3rd

PARKS Board Game

Dec. 13th

Cadence Travel Capsules

Dec. 14th

Campfire Stories Deck

Dec. 15th

Rechargeable Hand Warmer

Dec. 16th

Eco-Friendly Playing Cards

Dec. 17th

Day Hike Supply Kit


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Giftmas?

Giftmas is a holiday I made up to give gifts to my clients in thanks of supporting my small business.

Who is Giftmas for?

When does this offer end?

Which Design Services Qualify for the Giftmas Event?

Can I choose a different gift from the list?

What if the gifts run out?

Do you have flexible payment plans?


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