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Gleam & Glow Candle Co | A Self Initiated Project

Gleam & Glow is a self initiated project for my Instagram series Project: Ticket Behind the Scenes. For this first project, you voted on the industry, values, style, and business name. Then I created a project strategy and showed you an example of the presentations I send to my clients before the design process begins. Now, it's time to see the beautiful results of our project together.


Gleam & Glow Candle Co. Design Project

Gleam & Glow is a handmade candle mock-company that uses ethically sourced materials to create Scents of Adventure for their earth-conscious customers.

Candle Company or Holistic Coaching

In the first round of voting I asked if you would like to see a design for a product based candle company or a service based holistic coaching business. The majority of you voted for the candle company.

Instagram Voting Results

75% Candle Company

25% Holistic Coaching

Creative, Ethical, & Handmade

Next, we voted for the values of the business. The values a business owner chooses connects with why they started their business, how they manage their business, and the overall experience their consumer will have. This is why I make sure my client's values are always at the core of their designs.

Instagram Voting Results

67% Creative, Ethical, & Handmade

33% Spiritual, Mysterious, & Empowered

I really love working with creative, ethical, and handmade brands. So these values were a great fit for this project. I enjoyed researching the candle making process, the best materials to use for the environment, and finding great imagery for the handmade mock-company.

Evergreen Forest Style

Since I'm not working with Project: Ticket Behind the Scenes voters one-on-one, I had to improvise the process a bit. When I work with my clients, they fill out a project details form before the project begins. Then we kick off the project with a 1:1 Strategy Workshop. After that I create the strategy presentation which includes the stylescape.

Evergreen Forest inspired collage with candles, fonts, and a color palette.
Evergreen Forest Stylescape for Gleam & Glow Self-Initiated Brand Project

Instagram Voting Results

80% Evergreen Forest

20% Summer Campfire

For this series however, it made the most sense to put together 2 stylescapes for you to vote on. Then create the presentation. The majority of you chose the evergreen forest style.

Summer Campfire inspired collage with candles, fonts, and a color palette.
Summer Campfire Stylescape for Gleam & Glow Self-Initiated Brand Project

Gleam & Glow

Naming your business is a very important part, and sometimes very difficult part, of starting your business. Many businesses are forced to rebrand because the name they were using already had a trademark with someone else. Thankfully, for Gleam & Glow, this is a self-initiated project for a mock-company so we don't need to worry about going through the trademarking part.

Instagram Voting Results

60% Gleam & Glow

40% Flintlands

Still, this ended up being the most intense part of the voting. You all joined the fun in choosing the name. For most of the day the votes kept the decision at 50/50! I wasn't sure what I was going to do once the polls closed. Then the final votes decided on Gleam & Glow over Flintlands.

Gleam & Glow Brand Reveal

After my clients finish their Strategy Workshop with me and approve the strategy presentation, I begin designing the brand concept. Depending on their package, this can take any where from 1 to 3 weeks. Then we have up to 2 rounds of refinement to make everything exactly as it should be fore the launch.

For this mock-company brand design, I created a logo suite, brand icons, brand patterns, stickers, the candle products and the packaging.

Gleam & Glow Online Store

After the brand design was done it was time to move onto the website design. Since this is not a real candle making company (yet), I did not build the actual website. However I still wanted you all to see an example of the results my website clients see when they work with me.

The Gleam & Glow mock-company website design, features a stunning image of the product as soon as someone arrives on the site. The menu gives quick access to shop candles or oils, learn more about their story, and a link to the candle subscription box "Wick of Scents". Of course this isn't a real website, but I'd love if it was.


Claim this Design for Your Small Business

If you LOVE this brand or website design and feel it is the best fit for your business, we can schedule a 1:1 session to adapt this project to your business or start from scratch on a completely custom project.


About Project: Ticket Behind the Scenes

Project: Ticket Behind the Scenes, shows you a behind-the-scenes look of my design services. You’ll get to see how I work with my clients to build beautiful brands and websites that attract their ideal customers. I invite you to vote on various aspects of the business for the project brief so we can build a brand and website together.

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