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How To Use Free Stock Photos in Holiday Marketing

From now until Christmas I'll be sharing tips on diy branding for you and your business. What holiday branding questions do you have?

12 Days of Branding

Make Your Own Holiday Marketing Graphics

Step 1: Find an image that matches your brand style

There are lots of FREE stock photo sites to choose from. One of my favorites is Unsplash. I enjoy the variety, search is easy to use, and the photo quality is terrific. The free stock photo I use in this tutorial is Christmas Bells by Carolyn V from Unsplash @sixteenmilesout.

Step 2: Resize and crop your image to fit your platform

Using a grid when cropping is a great way to arrange negative space for your text or align the subject of the image. Tip: Square images convert best across Instagram & Facebook.

Step 3: Add a catchy headline to attract your customers

If you prefer to create graphics with your phone, I highly recommend the Adobe Spark App. It is easy to crop, add text, and apply colors.

Step 4: Share your promotion and coupon code

Tip: Make your coupon code bold or a different. This will help your customers remember it.

Step 5: Let your customers know where to shop

All your marketing graphics should include your website or social media handle. This allows views to quickly find your shop and know where the graphic came from if someone else shares it. Tip: Add a little space (kerning or tracking) between the letters of your website link. This makes it easier to properly read.

Don’t have time to create your own holiday marketing graphics? The Logodentity Mini Social Bundle for custom graphics designed just for you in time for Christmas.

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