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10 Easy Steps to Launching Your Brand and Website

After going through the design process, you now have spectacular branding and a top notch website that you want to share with the world. Hosting a launch party is a great way to get word out about your new business or a grand reopening of your current business. Don't know where to start? Follow these 10 easy steps to launching your brand and website.

Counting Down To Launch Day

How To Plan Your Brand & Website Launch Party

Step 1: Choose a Launch Day

Choosing a launch day can be difficult. There are many days to choose from. Thankfully, the internet is always open. So whichever day you choose, will probably be a good one. The key is to choose the best day for you to interact with your audience and have enough time prepare for your launch. Make sure your website is finished before your launch.

Tip: Don't launch your website or new product on a holiday.

If you are offering something holiday related, most customers will have to order it at least two weeks before the holiday happens for it to arrive in time. Also, people typically have plans during the holidays and will not be shopping at your online store. (With the exception of Black Friday and other holiday shopping days.) So it is best to launch before a holiday.

Step 2: Plan Your Countdown

You can't have a successful launch day if you don't spread the word beforehand. You can have a countdown as short as a few days or as long as a fortnight. The most important thing is to plan ahead by creating and scheduling content to keep your audience interested. Here are some common countdown numbers you can use in your launch

  • 3 Days: 3... 2... 1... Go!

  • 7 Days: Like the Logodentity Launch Party

  • 10 Days: Counting down like a Rocket Launch. 10, 9, 8...

  • 12 Days: Like the 12 Days of Christmas

  • 17 Days: A Fortnight - Old English and a great time frame

Step 3: Create an Event

Host a launch party online, at a venue, or both!

If you are a local business and don't have an online store, hosting a grand opening party is a great way to invite new customers into you shop. You can also create an online event for your attendees to get sneak peeks as well as add their own photos during the event.

Online businesses should definitely host a virtual event. You can have giveaway, games, contents, share videos. The options are pretty infinite when it comes to an online party for your launch. Facebook events are a great online option. However, you can also have an in-person party with friends, family, or people in your local network to celebrate your new business while hosting your online party.

Either way, you want to make sure you have a party plan. Keep your guests entertained with games, sneak peaks, and goody bags (digital goods are great too).

Step 4: Pre-Write All of Your Content

Once your launch countdown starts, you're going to be very busy. So don't wait. Write all your planned content ahead of time. This includes emails, blog posts, social media posts, product descriptions, scripts for live video or your party speech. Any words you need for your launch need to be completed as early as possible. You don't want to be down to the wire with nothing to say.

Step 5: Schedule All of Your Posts

Once you have all your content written, schedule everything! You worked hard on writing all that content. You don't want to miss posting it at the right time.

Step 6: Invite & Announce

Invite everyone and announce the launch everywhere you might find future clients. My mother always told me to expect half the amount of people I invited to an event yet be prepared for all of them. It doesn't hurt to invite a lot of people. The more you invite, the more will RSVP. Just remember not to contact people that don't give you permission to. (Follow the same rules as newsletter signups)

For those you can't invite personally, you'll need to announce where you can. Be sure to cover social media, newspapers, guest posts, advertisements, flyers, et cetera.

Step 7: Interact With Visitors

During the event, you've all ready scheduled all your posts. This frees up time to actually interact with your guests. Reply and prompt conversations in the comments of your posts. Respond to messages. Comment on guest posts. Welcome new arrivals. Participate in the games. Be present. This is your Launch Party. Your guests want you to be there with them.

Step 8: Keep Track of Winners and Runner-Ups

If you're hosting a giveaway, keep track of the winners names, addresses, and make note of any details you can talk about with them in the future. Also keep track of guests that were close to winning or really seemed excited about your launch. All of these guests are potential future clients. They will appreciate you remembering them.

Step 9: Thank Everyone for Coming

Party rules since the beginning. Never forget to thank your guests. I'm someone that writes thank you cards via snail mail. I've taught my son to do this as well.

People have come to celebrate with you. They've spent time with you. Show your appreciation with a thank you card, email, or video at the end of your Facebook event. A kind gesture can make a big impression.

Step 10: Follow-Up with Everyone

A couple weeks after the party, be sure to follow-up with everyone. Remind them about the conversations you had. Ask them if there is anything you can help them with. Be genuine.


Take a Look at the Logodentity Launch Party on Facebook

Taking my own advice, I followed the 10 steps above to host my own launch party for Logodentity on Facebook. I created all my images, posts, emails, and scheduled them in advance. In fact, the party starts tomorrow! See how I apply the steps above in my own launch party. RSVP to the Logodentity Launch Party Here.


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