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Set Sail on Your Business Journey

Hi, I'm Ashley - the traveling designer at Logodentity™ that helps you create a thriving small business through brand and website design so you can take time off to plan your next family adventure.

Logodentity Designer Ashley Shelton drawing on her tablet with a stojo cup, Microsoft Surface computer, and pastel pillows in the background


No two businesses are the same, so why settle for a one-size-fits-all approach?


Successful Client Journeys

Take a look at some of the beautiful brands & websites I've created for small business owners just like you.



The Power of Effective Branding

As an entrepreneur, you juggle a lot. From running your business to taking care of your family, it can feel like there's never enough time in the day. That's why it's so important to have a brand identity, website, and marketing tool set that works for your business, not against it.

I understand the unique challenges & opportunities that come with being a mompreneur, and I'm here to help. With my personalized approach, we'll focus on your goals and values so you can finally have the brand identity you deserve – one that helps you grow your business and travel more with your family.

What Clients Say

"An ENORMOUS thank you Ashley Shelton for taking care of my website at the wave of her wand. She is truly a magician if you are also thinking about creating or re-doing your website."

- Angela Han | Lawyer & Life Coach -


With my 3-Step Process you will:

Accelerate Your Success through a time-efficient design journey, eliminating months-long waits and propelling your business forward.

Effortlessly Master Marketing with targeted messaging, a strategic content plan, and essential tools to captivate your ideal audience.

Feel Confident & Empowered as you attract your ideal clients and customers with a stunning brand identity and an exceptional website experience.



Hi, I'm Ashley!

I'm the traveling homeschool mom and graphic designer here at Logodentity™. 

I work with service based businesses and creative entrepreneurs that are done struggling to piece together a logo and website on their own so they can focus on the work they are passionate about and spend more time with family.

Logodentity Designer Ashley Shelton's son exploring the park



Logodentity Designer Ashley Shelton and her son sitting in downtown
Logodentity Designer Ashley Shelton and her son with the Logodentity brand parcel and passport


I've got a secret: your ideal clients are looking for you – they just don't know it yet.


Your brand is more than just visuals; it's a powerful blend of messaging, audience understanding, and personality that tells a story reflecting your passion, dedication, and expertise.

Your story matters, and your customers want to connect with it.

The Design Map™ helps you craft compelling messaging, get insights into your audience, and infuse your unique personality into your brand. This winning combination builds trust, fosters loyalty, and makes your business stand out in your industry.

I've helped over 50 small business owners create stunning brand identities that attract their dream clients and customers through a customized design experience. Trust me to develop a strategy and deliver design that's authentic to you and empowers your business to thrive.


Work with me to create a brand that feels like a dream destination for your clients or customers.

Pages from the Design Map Brief by Ashley at Logodentity

Now Boarding: Design Clients

After just 2 hours of your time, you'll receive a comprehensive brief & walkthrough video within 3 office days. This brief will help you master your messaging, gain insights into your audience, and deliver a mood board reflecting your business personality.


Don't miss out on this opportunity – book now & let's create something exceptional together!

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