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Imagine a brand so compelling, you can't wait for the world to see it.

Logodentity Designer Ashley Shelton drawing on her tablet with a stojo cup, Microsoft Surface computer, and pastel pillows in the background
Guiding Small Business Owners to Their True North

Are you ready to update your branding but feel like none of the options look or feel like you’re going in the right direction? Do you hesitate to share your website with potential clients or customers?

Find Your True North with Aligned Branding

Clear Guidance, No Guesswork:

With Logodentity™, you'll get straightforward advice to make design decisions that align with your brand and business goals.


Meaningful Connections:

Build a brand that truly speaks to your audience, turning casual visitors into passionate advocates for your products or services.


Impact and Growth:

A brand that's in tune with your core values doesn't just look good — it actively helps you grow, reaching new audiences while nurturing existing relationships.



Your Creative Captain on this Design Journey

Navigating the brand design seascape can feel overwhelming, especially when you're steering the ship alone.


That's where I come in. As the Creative Captain and graphic designer behind Logodentity™, I specialize in helping small business owners like you. Together, we'll dodge the rocky clichés and chart a course to an authentic brand that genuinely represents who you are.


This way, you can focus on what really matters — growing your business, serving your community, and spending quality time with family.

Logodentity Designer Ashley Shelton's son exploring the park



Logodentity Designer Ashley Shelton and her son sitting in downtown
Logodentity Designer Ashley Shelton and her son with the Logodentity brand parcel and passport


You're a small business owner with big dreams.

We're both explorers at heart, living lifestyles that mean the world to us. As your Creative Captain, I get that life's special moments shouldn't be missed. That's why I offer quick and flexible timelines, allowing you to run your business without missing out on what matters most to you. Together, we'll map out a brand strategy that not only meets your business goals but also fits seamlessly into your life.



Designing Your Business for Success

Lay the groundwork for your brand's growth with the Design Map™ to discover the path to your success. By focusing on the strategy first, we set the course for swift and effective design that connects and converts.


The Design Map™ doesn't just prepare you for standout branding — it streamlines the entire design process. You'll get clarity and a ready-to-implement blueprint that turns extended projects into efficient successes. It's the smart approach to design that saves you time and sets you apart.

As we chart our course, your design voyage will be brimming with unique solutions specifically crafted for your needs, your business, and your lifestyle — no room for cookie-cutter results on this ship!
Your Audience Won’t Get on Board if Your Brand Feels Adrift…

If you're tired of missing the boat with your ideal audience, it's time for a course correction...

Say Farewell To...

✗ Rigid, overused templates that force you to compromise your vision


✗ Spending hours second-guessing every choice before clicking “publish”


✗ The maze of design tools that should make life easier, but don't


✗ DIY designs that fail to attract your ideal audience

Stop the Endless DIY-Cycle


Meet My VIP Clients

Small business owners, just like you, who embarked on a design journey with me.

From artisans to doctors and creatives to lawyers, see how I’ve helped diverse businesses create cohesive, compelling, and clickable brand identities that let them focus on their passion while and effortlessly attract the right audience.


My Clients Say...


Ready for dream clients and customers to come to you?

Yes! I Want a Cohesive, Compelling, and Clickable Brand!

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