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rainbow Logodentity fictional map with paperplanes by Logodentity Designer Ashley Shelton


Your Custom-Tailored 3-Week Intensive Business Design Journey 

Get your visual brand identity fully designed with a logo suite, website, marketing, and promotional materials.

3 Apple iPads featuring various pages of the Website Design for Ken Shelton Construction by Logodentity Designer Ashley Shelton
Are you ready to embark on a transformative adventure?

I'm excited to offer you my Design Passport™ service, a unique opportunity to unleash the full potential of your business through captivating design. Over the course of two weeks, we'll work closely together to bring your Design Map™ to life. Now is the perfect time to secure your spot and set sail on this remarkable journey of business growth.


"When you're working with Ashley, you can speak to her openly and she'll reflect your brand identity back to you. It's a gift. She's going to create designs that you couldn't even imagine, and go above and beyond with strategies on how to use your brand."

- Karyn Paige,

Human Design Mindset Coach

Aura Type Business Card Design Mockup for Karyn Paige by Logodentity Designer Ashley Shelton


Just 3 Days of Your Time

Sessions are 8am-11am or 2pm-5pm EST

Stationery Design Mockup for Ken Shelton Construction by Logodentity Designer Ashley Shelton

"When it comes to remodeling, we can create anything! But when it came to branding our business, we didn’t know where to start. Ashley was so wonderful to work with, making the process easy and fun. We told her about our business and our values. From there, she was able to create and put together everything our business needed to create a solid brand. We are so grateful for her knowledge and work! Now we can get back to what we do best — remodeling!"

- Ken & Michelle,

Ken Shelton Construction


Skip the Cookie-Cutter Packages

At the end of your Design Map™ brief you'll find a list of deliverables that I recommend based on your business goals. That means every Design Passport™ package is completely unique to you!

However, here is an example of what your Design Passport™ deliverables could look like.


Logo Suite - 3 logos & other marks for cohesive brand presence.

Elements - icons, patterns, illustrations, or taglines.

Animations - branded GIFs to keep your brand in motion.


Website - stunning 5-page Wix site tailored to your sitemap.

Stationery - Eye-catching business cards, notecards, & stickers.

Packaging - boxes, mailers, tape for memorable unboxing.

Templates - for consistent branding on social platforms.


Design Stamp™ - guide to utilize your new brand confidently.
Training - video tutorials for Wix dashboard & editor mastery.
Graphics - visuals to promote your new brand & website.
Support - 14-days to provide clarity on using your new designs.



-$800* already paid for Design Map™

= $7,200

Depending on the deliverables of your custom Design Passport™ package, the investment can range anywhere from $8,000 to $16,000 USD.


If you decide to book your Design Passport™ within 30 days of your Design Map™, the $800 cost will be subtracted from the total of your design package.


"If you are in need of any branding for your business, Ashley does a great job listening to your needs and developing a brand strategy that fits where you want your brand to go. She created an adorable custom logo for my toy brand and even included a sketch of my 'mascot' in the background design! She also went above and beyond when she created a shipping delay banner for me after a hurricane hit our area and we had to evacuate."

- Dawn Hessel,

Huckleberry Creek Toys

Stationery Design Mockup for Huckleberry Creek by Logodentity Designer Ashley Shelton
Unlock Savings on Your Design Project with this Exclusive Offer:


If you decide to hire me for your design project within 30 days of your Design Map™ session, the cost of the Design Map™ will be subtracted from the total cost of your Design Passport™ package.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still not sure the Design Passport™ is for you?

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