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How To Feel Confident Handing Out Your Business Card

A business card is an invitation for your potential contacts to become loyal customers. You've already had a great conversation about the best local pizza place, learned a bit about their job, and shared your business with them. Now, it's time to give them your business card. But how do you give a potential customer your business card with confidence?

How to Feel Confident Handing Out Your Business Cards


Step One

Invest in High Quality Business Cards

I recommend this service to all my design clients. After investing in a great business card design, you will want great quality cards you can feel proud to give potential clients. After years of testing different printing companies, Moo is the one I always come back to. Here is why. is the best online printing company to order your business cards.

The quality at Moo is top notch. With their Printfinity service, you can order up to 50 designs on your business cards for the price of 1. There are infinite ways to use this in your business. My business card design for Ken Shelton Construction, allows him to print a different photo on each card from his home renovation projects. They serve as a miniature portfolio he can give to potential clients. His current customers also like to carry his cards and give them to friends for referrals.

Moo's price is an affordable investment. Cost is always a consideration when running a business. There are plenty of print companies that have super cheap printing services available. Some also have regular sales you can use to get your cards printed even cheaper. However, the quality isn't as good. Thankfully, Moo is affordable and high quality. I even did the math. Each card is between $0.40 for the original business cards and $0.84 for their luxe business cards. When done right, these cards can bring you a lot of business for less than $1.

Moo has several quality paper options. With various paper weights, sizes, corner shapes, and finishes, you can have very customized business cards that fit your brand style. They even has an earth-friendly paper option. Moo's 100% recycled cotton-rag business cards are amazing! They are, by far, my favorite option. I love the texture of the cotton and I feel great about the fact they are made from 100% recycled tee shirt off-cuts.

Ken Shelton Construction Business Card Designs


Step Two

Get New Contacts Through Conversation

First impressions matter. So making contact with your potential client in person is a big deal for your business. Leaving the house with a small box of business cards on hand is always a good idea. (Side note - all Moo business cards come in the perfect box to carry your cards with you.) But how do you hand out your business cards and gain a client?

Giving and Receiving Business Cards with Good Etiquette

Start a conversation. You want to make a connection to can refer to at a later date. This will show your client you remember them and listened to what they had to say. Some great ways to spark an organic conversation are asking a question or giving a sincere compliment. This article gives some great tips on networking conversations.

Let them ask for your card. After having a conversation with you, they might ask if you have a business card. Especially if you are able to help them solve a problem with your services or product. If they do not ask for your business card, introduce the idea yourself. Tell them how much you enjoyed the conversation and would love to continue it. Then you can ask if you can give them your card.

Hold your business card the right way. When handing over your business card, make sure the card is facing them and you are holding it without covering your contact details.

Ask for their card too. In case they do not have a business ca rd, make sure you have some blank cards and a pen handy. Then they can write down their details to share with your. This will allow you the chance to contact them, instead of waiting for them to contact you.


Step Three

Take Notes and Follow Up

Add your new contacts to your address book and make some notes about your conversation so you can follow up with them. Let them know you loved that pizza place they recommended the last time you talked. Give them an estimate they asked for. Or ask more questions about the project they want to work on with you.


Ready to Get Your Business Cards Designed?


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