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Angela Han

Angela Han

Laywer & Life Coach

Angela saw other lawyers struggling to achieve their goals, feeling stressed out and alone. Angela helps lawyers change their lives by transforming their blind spots into strengths.


In the past, Angela's work came through LinkedIn and referrals. More recently though she noticed an increase of website traffic coming from her Instagram. Looking at her website, she realized it needed a new direction.


Angela booked a design session with the goal of creating a new landing page for her website. Some important factors for the design were a site that is easy to maintain, intuitive navigation for a great visitor experience, and good use of clear space. If there was enough time left during her session, she also had on her Design in a Day wish list a new logo set, her podcast embedded on her site, and an FAQ page.

Results After the Project

Now Angela has a logo set she can use throughout her business, and a cohesive website that resonates with her clients, fits her core business values, and highlights her personality.

She is Truly a Magician

"An ENORMOUS thank you Ashley Shelton for taking care of my website at the wave of her wand. She is truly a magician if you are also thinking about creating or re-doing your website."

Angela Han
Brand & Website Colors

Website Design

Angela and her team were amazing at getting all the prep-work done. On design day, I had everything I needed to get the project started. Because of their awesome job along with Angela's prompt feedback on the concept and final walkthrough, we were able to check off everything on her list! (plus an unexpected surprise...)

P.S. I Love Cats

During our discovery call, Angela mentioned she had two cats and loved the little cat gif she saw on a website template. During her website walk-though, she was delightfully surprised to see a cat with the message "p.s. I love cats!" at the bottom of her website. She asked how I knew she loved cats because she had completely forgotten about that part of our discovery call. I loved being able to add that bit of personality and surprise her.

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