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Hang Ups Jewelry

Carolyn Adams

Handcrafted Artisan Instrument Jewelry

Carolyn & Kristi offer handcrafted artisan jewelry created from retired instruments through their online store: Hang Ups Jewelry Designs. Customers love the handcrafted instrument jewelry and accessories. (I personally love the piano key earrings)


The old Hang Ups Jewelry website code became glitchy and they did not have a designer that could fix it. Carolyn & Kristi decided to get a new website on a platform that was easy to update. Ideally just in time for the holidays.


Redesign the Hang Ups Jewelry website in Wix.
Finish in time for holiday shopping season.

Results After the Project

We were able to redesign their website and improve their online store organization just in time for the holidays. All their products were listed in their shop and they had a great shopping season. Now, if they need an update, or have a design support question, they can reach out to me and I can make a quick change or send them a support video tutorial to help out.

Done Before the Winter Holiday Rush

"Ashley from Logodentity was a pleasure to work with. She built our website to our exact specifications and was incredibly patient with all of our changes and questions. Ashley successfully designed our website within a tight timeline. We are so grateful that a friend and fellow business owner recommended her to us! We highly recommend working with Ashley!"

Carolyn Adams
Site Pages

Website Training & Maintenance

At the end of their website build, Carolyn & Kristi got on a video call with me where I shared the ins and outs of their Wix dashboard and editor. We covered things like organizing their shop collection, product images in their media folder, and making updates in the editor.

Sometimes they reach out if they want an update on their shop banner, need a quick support answer to showing a new collection, or a training call for SEO. I love to support Carolyn & Kristi and see their business grow.

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