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The Adames Method

Elizabeth Adames

Emotional Eating NeuroCoach

Elizabeth is an Emotional Eating NeuroCoach through her small business: The Adames Method. She helps women overcome their emotional eating habits. You can find out more about her coaching on Instagram.


"I needed a logo, I didn’t know what to do, how and what to start on, how to do it and I was frustrated because it’s not my zone." - Elizabeth Adames


Transforming her brand from a pre-made brand kit into a completely custom logo and brand design.

Results After the Project

When I reached out to Elizabeth for her feedback after the project, I was so excited to her about her wins! As a designer, I strive to support my client's and their businesses by keeping their values and goals at the heart of the design.

"1 - asking for help allowed me to ask for more help in other areas of my biz as a result I’ve had more success
2 - I got a beautiful logo (two of them actually)
3 - it became clear to me what my branding, colors, etc are for my box (which I didn’t know about before)"
- Elizabeth Adames

Logodentity is Here to Support

"It was so easy, I just hopped on the phone with Ashley, detailed my vision and what I wanted and she executed and did an excellent job just delivering what I wanted. If you need a logo made for you, Logodentity is here to support. Like don’t even think about it. Do it and you won’t regret it!"

Elizabeth Adames
The Brand Colors

The Struggle with Premade Brand Kits

Elizabeth's original logo, colors, and fonts came from a premade brand kit she got through a group she was a part of. Premade kits are a great way to quickly customize your visual brand especially when you're starting out.

Round One: Customizing the Brand Kit

For Elizabeth's first session we worked with the colors and fonts from her kit to customize her branding. She loved the new elements we created. After spending some time using her new logo and the kits colors, however, she realized the branding did not really fit her brand values and ideal client.

Round Two: Rebranding with Strategy

Back to the drawing board for round two. I created a brand strategy around Elizabeth's ideal client. With her prompt and detailed feedback, I was able to create a whole new color palette, font set, logo system, and brand elements for her business.

Ready to Let Logodentity Make Your Brand Vision a Reality?

Let’s Create a Lasting Brand That Helps Your Business Reach New Heights.
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