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The Adames Method

Elizabeth Adames

Emotional Eating NeuroCoach

Elizabeth is an Emotional Eating NeuroCoach through her small business: The Adames Method. She helps women overcome their emotional eating habits. You can find out more about her coaching on Instagram.

Struggles Before the Project

"I needed a logo, I didn’t know what to do, how and what to start on, how to do it and I was frustrated because it’s not my zone." - Elizabeth Adames

The Goals for the Project

Transforming her brand from a pre-made brand kit into a completely custom logo and brand design.

Results After the Project

When I reached out to Elizabeth for her feedback after the project, I was so excited to her about her wins! As a designer, I strive to support my client's and their businesses by keeping their values and goals at the heart of the design.

"1 - asking for help allowed me to ask for more help in other areas of my biz as a result I’ve had more success
2 - I got a beautiful logo (two of them actually)
3 - it became clear to me what my branding, colors, etc are for my box (which I didn’t know about before)"
- Elizabeth Adames