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The Purly Gates

Danielle Mellendorf

Knit & Crochet Brand

Dani is the Knit & Crochet Designer of The Purly Gates. More than typical yarn goods, Dani also designs products that can be used during the warm months. She crafts pumpkins (so cute!), baskets, totes, patterns, clothing, and offers patterns so you can make your own.

Struggles Before the Project

Dani felt her logo and website were generic and bland. She kind of liked them, but didn’t love them.

The Goals for the Project

Dani's logo needed to match her spring yarn creations and fit her unique brand name.

She also needed a logo that could easily be used on her leather product tags.

Results After the Project

"I’ve been able to use my logo on invoices which helps me to look and feel professional. I’ve gotten tons of feedback/love on my logo. I was noticed by a big brand and was able to create content for their website!" - Dani, The Purly Gates