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A New Way to Think About Your Progress During Quarantine

There are a lot of people in world who are sick, bored, or skeptic about this coronavirus pandemic. I will not get political or force my ideas on anyone with this blog. This post is simply about how guilt and progress weighed on me, as a small business owner. It is also my way of encouraging you, as a small business owner. Whether you are sick, working, struggling, or don't know how you feel, I just want you to know, "you've got this!"

Your Progress During Quarantine by Ashley at Logodentity

Think Positive

It's okay to feel however you are feeling. It's okay to not be making huge leaps of progress during quarantine. It is also okay to be succeeding during this struggle. Thriving is a good thing.

Let Go of the Guilt

No matter what your situation, try not to feel guilty. I felt that way. So I totally get it. You are doing the best you can. And that's all you need to focus on. Get through this time as best you can. Take care of yourself, your family, and do what you need to do. After talking to my family, friends on social media, and my clients, I don't feel so guilty. Hopefully after this post you feel better about where you are too.

My Pandemic Story

Our Family Vacation

My family and I went on a week-long vacation at the beginning of March to Disney World. We went to celebrate my son and my father's birthdays. We had so much fun camping and going to the parks. Disney is a big part of our family and we always enjoy a trip there. However, it is an International destination. There were a lot of people. It is likely many were sick that didn't even know it. Because of the coronavirus, Disney World closed just after we left.

Getting Sick

The day after we arrived home, I started to show symptoms of the virus. When my symptoms worsened I was told not to come in. Doctors and nurses treated me over the phone for two weeks. It was suggested I had Covid-19, although they couldn't confirm or test me. I was also told I had bronchitis and most likely pneumonia. I self isolated for those weeks. A few days after my self isolation was over, I started to feel better. I felt confident I was recovering, I even sent out an email and reached out to my clients. Then I was rushed to the hospital. And I felt guilty.

Feeling Guilty

I felt guilty for not being able to hug my son for weeks. I felt guilty he was scared because of how ill I was. I felt guilty that my mom had to take care of all the things I couldn't.

I felt guilty for putting my client projects on a sudden hold. I made a promise to my clients. Got sick. Felt better. Made a new promise. Then got exponentially worse and put them on hold again.

I also felt guilty about going to the hospital. I was risking the paramedics that drove me, the nurses, the doctors, and the lady with a pen that needed me to sign papers. Worse, if I didn't have the virus, I was taking a bed someone else might need more than me. But I had to go. My symptoms were too severe to wait it out at home and hope for the best.

Hospital Visit

No testing was done for the flu or the coronavirus at the hospital because my heart condition was not a respiratory condition and I hadn't been in contact with a confirmed Covid-19 person. I did get a chest x-ray. No more pneumonia but was told my lungs were still recovering from the infection. They treated my breathing and waited for my heart to look okay. Once I was stable, I was sent home.

Getting the Covid-19 Test

It took a few more days but I finally felt better and got my energy back. When our local urgent care started offering tests I scheduled one for myself. Got the test with no more symptoms and the results were negative. I was relieved. And I finally could give my kiddo a hug.

Even after receiving negative Covid-19 testing, I have been ultra cautious with both my health, my family's health, and everyone else's. I had little to no contact with my family while I was self isolating. When that was over, I still kept interaction as minimal as possible and did not leave the house until I went to the hospital. After I tested negative for Covid-19, I only went out for essential cub-side pickup with a mask on, gloves, and hand sanitizer.

I had chicken pox twice as a kid when they say you can only get sick once. So I'm not going to take anyone's word that I won't get this coronavirus twice.

Your Story

Your pandemic story may be similar to mine or totally different. Either way, go easy on yourself. Do whatever you need to do and encourage yourself. Talk to a friend or another small business owner who can help you. Remember, you've got this. Hopefully we will get through the pandemic soon and we can all get our small businesses goals back on track.


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