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Inspire Your Kids through fun adventure tools from Huckleberry Creek Toys

Today, I'm excited to share my latest client's rebrand launch! I designed the logo for Dawn's business when it was called HP Boutiques. Once it was time for a change, she reached out to me for her rebrand. Now, I'm happy to introduce: Huckleberry Creek - a handmade toy business that inspires adventure and exploration through learning tools and play mats.

Inside this post:

Dawn at Huckleberry Creek

A Logodentity Client Feature

Dawn creates handmade toys, play mats, and learning tools for nature minded families and homeschoolers.

Why Dawn Renamed Her Business Huckleberry Creek

Dawn realized her shop, HP Boutiques had outgrown its name. However, she couldn't decide on a name or logo direction she wanted to take.

Brand Strategy

During the strategy phase of the project I created two brand name options for the toy business. Each presentation option included logo styles, colors, fonts, values, a story behind the name, and how it would meet her goals for her business.

She decided on the name Huckleberry Creek - a brand name that inspires adventure and exploration. It tells a story of nature hikes, berry picking, and outdoor fun.


The Logo Set

The Primary Logo

Huckleberry Creek Toys Logo
Huckleberry Creek Primary Logo Design by Ashley at Logodentity


The curved lines of the logo illustrate the rim of a basket for berry picking and the word Huckleberry represents the basket handle.


The huckleberry cluster and leaves are hand-drawn and illustrated to fit the brand's playful, field journal style.


The "handmade toys" tagline let's new potential customers know what your shop offers at a glance. The logo can be used without the tagline or replaced with a different tagline.

The Alternate Logos

The secondary logo and wordmark use various elements of the primary logo in a different layout to provide more flexibility and improve readability on smaller screens. These variations are great for great for website navigation logos, product care tags, watermarks, and much more.

The Submark

Huckleberry Creek Submark
Huckleberry Creek Submark

The Huckleberry Creek submark is the most simplified version of Dawn's logo which is great for favicons, social media profile images, watermarks, stamps, et cetera. This mark is very versatile and can be used in any of her brand colors.


Project Showcase

At the end of the project, Dawn received a cohesive brand including her logo set, tissue paper, stickers, business cards, stationery, and much more.

Social Media Templates

Dawn wanted to an easier way to create social media posts with engaging content to spark conversations. To save her time and inspire post creation, I designed 4 sets of Canva templates she can use for her social media.

Huckleberry Creek on Instagram
Canva Templates designed for Huckleberry Creek


Delayed by Hurricane Ida

"If you are in need of any branding for your business, Ashley does a great job listening to your needs and developing a brand strategy that fits where you want your brand to go. She created an adorable custom logo for my toy brand and even included a sketch of my “mascot” in the background design! She also went above and beyond when she created a shipping delay banner for me after a hurricane hit our area and we had to evacuate." - Dawn Hessel, Huckleberry Creek

The project launch was delayed unexpectedly due to Hurricane Ida. Dawn and her family had to evacuate so we paused the project. Thankfully Dawn and her family were safely able to evacuate and are getting back into the swing of things.


Are you ready to rebrand your business? Book a call with me to learn more about how Logodentity can help you live your best #MomprenuerLife!


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