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NEW! Logodentity Referral Rewards Program

About 87% of all my client design work has been through clients referring me to their friends and fellow entrepreneurs. Today, I'm excited to announce, I've launched a new Referral Rewards Program!

How the Referral Rewards Program Works

Logodentity Referral Partner Ticket

Step One: Sign Up

This program is for design clients that loved the experience and results of working with me and want to help other small business owners get a beautiful brand and website. To join the Referral Rewards Program, you'll need to first apply to be a referral partner: Sign Up Here

Step Two: Sign the Agreement

Once you're application has been approved, you'll receive an email with a link to your Referral Partner Agreement. Then, you'll be officially part of the program!

Step Three: Earn Referral Tickets!

Referral Tickets are awarded for every client your refer to Logodentity that books a project. You'll also earn one ticket just for signing up. Learn more ways to earn tickets here: Referral Program Details

Step Four: Choose Your Reward

Each month, you'll receive a newsletter summary with your current Ticket Balance. When you're ready to redeem your tickets for a reward, simply reply to the newsletter with your reward choice.

Reward Options

  • Custom business cards, stickers, or tape.

  • FREE Design in a Day Session!

  • Custom tee shirts, tote bags, or fabric yards.

  • Custom enamel mugs, product packaging, or a wall sign.

  • FREE All Access Design Passport!

How Referrals Gift Success

When you refer your friends and fellow entrepreneurs, you're gifting them the opportunity to level up their business. #CommunityOverCompetition

With the Referral Rewards Program, your friends get to grow their success and you will earn rewards you can use for your own business. It's a win-win! Ready to get started?


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