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How to Build Brand Recognition with Your Stunning Logo

From now until Christmas I'll be sharing tips on diy branding for you and your business. What holiday branding questions do you have?

12 Days of Branding

Be Consistent in Your Brand with These 5 Steps

Step 1: Add your logo to your website

Ordering online can be daunting especially when you arrive at a site that doesn't look secure. A professional website with a well designed logo helps build credibility your potential customers will appreciate.

Step 2: Order business cards with your new logo and make in-person connections

Even if your business is online, carrying some business cards with you is important for your brand. If someone likes the handmade shirt you are wearing or wants to know where you bought that handcrafted necklace, you can hand out your business card with confidence.

Step 3: Add your logo to your social media profiles

If you have a picture of yourself as your profile photo, that is a great idea! However, it's important to show your logo in your social media. Share it once per month or every 20 posts or so. It's also a great idea to make one of your highlight covers your logomark.

Step 4: Apparel and promotional items

Place your logo on a tee shirt, coffee mugs, or other print products you can gift to loyal customers. They'll love to use the items and refer you to their friends.

Step 5: Newsletters are a powerful marketing tool

If you have a small business it is important to have a mailing list to stay connected with your customers. You also want to make sure they know the email is from you. The best practice is to place your logo at the top and bottom of your email.

Bonus Tip: Be Consistent

Follow your brand guidelines and interact with your customers regularly. The next time they see your website, your social media, your email, or someone else using your product, the more likely they are to purchase something new and become loyal customers.

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